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  • Is there going to be enough airflow to the motors for cooling?

    I would've put on two scoops to channel air more directly onto the motor fins......

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    I flew similar with Paparazzi AP...

  • My testing airframe uses a OS .40 LA engine, little bit underpowered but it saves fuel, it can be on the air like 60 minutes with APM managing the throttle!!!!!! not bad for a uav cruising at 90 km/h and loitering al 30 km/h.....


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    What engine are you using for that airframe?
  • Hello people, last weekend we managed to make real good testing of my APM in my medium airframe, RTL on failsafe now works awesome, only will change the RTL altitude from 100 meters to 150 meters, also gonna adjust the way it behaves when turning back home ( it comes back but too violent, and snakes on its way back) but loiters really good.

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    The failsafe function is described in the manual here:

  • Loss of signals from the reciever should put the APM in to return home mode? Shouldn't it Chris?




    The outback challenge is a specific event, using one aircraft to try to meet a challenge, specifically finding and delivering payload to a dummy target out in an open test range. As such i think risks are fine to take. 

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    Yes, home is set at startup on the ground after first GPS lock.
  • How have you set the FS on your receiver? Does the mode-switch channel match the RTL level required on APM after you turn off the radio?

  • I had a problem with RTL when the receiver failsafe kicks in, it did not performed the RTL, went to a dive, turned on the TX  and recovered the plane....

    I tested RTL as a switched mode and worked like a charm, i don´t understand what happened.....

    I tuned the PIDs, tested Stabilized mode, FBW, Guided mode, Auto mode and RTL, all of these testing got me smiling all day, only bad thing was they failsafe activation problem.......


    Any ideas?



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