Do you want an ArduPilotMega board? (Limited)

I know some of you want to help and also for those that can't wait to put their hand's on the ArduPilotMega board here is your opportunity: You can be a Beta tester!The final version of the board will almost the same, just some small corrections like an extra set of resistors pads i added just in case that will be removed in the final version, right now are just bypassed.The requirements for being a beta tester are:-Have and know how to use an AVR ISCP Programmer (i recommend the AVRISP MKII), to upload new HEX's just in case we decide to change the PPM encoder firmware.-Windows XP/Vista/7.-Have a FTDI cable programmer.-Know how to use Arduino Environment and some basic programming skills.-Have a clue what digital electronics means (If you are a regular user or a certified noob, i don't recommend this board to you right now).-Willing to share your experience!-Have $38.90 dlls $44.90, i'm giving the board almost to the production cost (for low quantity's). The final version may cost up to $65 dlls!If you are ok with all this, you are welcome to get one board right now: boards come with firmware (for AT328) and bootloader (for AT1280).I will be posting news&updates on the comments.I have a basic firmware that reads and decodes the PPM signal and display the 8ch PWM's into the terminal:APM_demo.zipThe folder "PPM_Decoder_AT1280" is located the code for Arduino IDE. On the folder "PPM_Enconder_AT328" is the firmware for the PPM enconder, if you have Windows and the AVRISP MKII just double click on the .bat file and press any key and it will upload the hex to the board, make sure to connect your programmer on the "AT328 port".PPM Encoder configuration:-MUX is controlled by input CH5.-Throttle FailSafe is input CH3 (Futaba).The Eagle Files of the Board are here:ArduPilotMega_v10.brdArduPilotMega_v10.sch
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    Randy, No, is not...
  • Developer
    Is the ArduMega compatible with the standard mega shields like this xbee one from Sparkfun? I'm 99% sure that it's not, just wanted to check.
  • Is there a list of changes in HW from Beta to production boards?

    Thank you!
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    A guess from me is within two weeks for the ArduPilotMega considering that the first boards rolled off the production line at Sparkfun about 1 month ago (and assuming they didn't find any serious issues that needed sorting out).

    They'll be sold by Sparkfun (and maybe here at the DIYDrones store?).

    I'll bet the sensor board will be more than 1 month from now because it's still in Beta.
  • Hello everybody.

    Jordi, have you please an idea for final release date (I mean when ArdupilotMega board will be available ?)

    - and its sensor board ?

    Best regards,
  • yep, but I think my 328 is bricked. It has no outputs (confirmed with O-scope) and all I get is 'cannot enter program mode' on my ISP when I try and load the firmware.
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    OK, all pins need re routing too, I would wait for Jordi to release alpha code...
  • I hooked up my Mega but am only getting a power LED lit, not the MUX or PPM one like to previous posts. I tried the demo code and 251 with no luck. Is there something else I need to do?
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    Randy, ArduPilot_251 r851 running on ArduMega would need the jumper to ArduIMU r47, if you test this please post results. Cheers
  • You can download the layout and schematic files and use the free version of the Eagle Layout Editor to answer all your pin questions.
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