Dome on a Drone


I decided that my Drone looked a bit "naked" with all the electronics and flight controller exposed, so decided to have a dome made for it.


Made to measure and a perfect fit having been made from smoked acrylic so you still get to see those all important LEDs underneath.




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  • Been very impressed with the results for the F450 & F5503701896158?profile=original

  • Very good. Did the same and made myself a DIY vacuum forming machine so I cold do my own. 3701896227?profile=original

  • No problem at all. The domes can be made to any size. Best of luck with your build.
  • @Steven: thx.. I have a jDrone quadcopter... probably I'd need different size... I'll let you know if I still need it now that I just received the APM case

  • @Veikko, if I get to the position where I have to land on water, its all gone a bit wrong :-) So I don't want to find out ;-)

    @Simone - it's made from smoked acrylic, so you still get to see the LEDs through the dome. It was made by a local firm to where I live at a cost of about €40. Can be supplied in different colours and I can get more made if interested. It looks superb and is very sturdy.
  • @Steven: I live in Belgium.. can you give me some info on the company that made it? like price, and other info?


  • Thanks Darrell. My new skids have got coloured pool noodles which I hope will give better orientation than the grey pipe lagging. Although the hollow pool noodles were a hell of a job to source in the UK.

    The dome was reasonably priced and does look superb in the flesh. As I say, more can be made if required.

    LOL re the shrink wrap, I've left it on whilst still tinkering just to prevent the arms getting scratched. I'm fussy like that :-D
  • Anyone know of a company that can do a made to measure transparent nose cone?  Approximately 5cm in diameter and 10cm in length.

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    Well done Steven, looks super cool!
    Professional finishing...
  • @John - Its a 3DR HexaCopter frame.  Although mine is the first version, version B is now available -


    @Jean-Baptiste - The Dome was commisioned by a local company in the UK.  More can be made if required.

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