Today i have done a ground test and it shown good results on ground navigation test it sensed the location i changed code little bit for navigation so that it shows the waypoint achieved with the buzzer beep. And it was succesfuly alarmed me the waypoint captured . The next step i did i load 2.0 version and i have fma xy sensor, and no telemetry so used buzzer for ground test navigation. Well i put the original code of jordi of 2.0 ver and i just did the settings as prescribed in 2.0 user manual.(nose down the plane and sensed it for the calibration.) But here was the problem in stabilization , the elevator movements was not exactly according to the manual. i connected fma correctly. And about weather conditions it was bit cloudy today will it be the reason. Sorry i m quite behind u guys but soon will come as i wil get some budget to upgrade it . And i m using twin star plane model and using elevator and aileron combination..... Please suggest me what could be the problem and any changes required to made in code. Well i will test it again tomorrow morning hope i wil get good valuable suggestions from all of you thanks in advance guys.

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Comment by Vikram on August 14, 2009 at 12:32am
Can i work with the latest code without z sensor .... and no telemetry also... So can i use 2.1 or 2.2 version o code for better stability even without z sensor . I just want to fly my plane with XY sensor . So is it possible with XY sensor


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