Done with the frame

Just finished assembling the frame. looks like a tank! lol.

3689551002?profile=originalI really have a hard time bending the arms! I decided to build a wooden brake for these arms (gave my hands a hardtime).. Bolted up with M4 x 10mm screws.

3689550839?profile=originalNeed to put some rubber grommets on the 12mm holes. I also need some paper sanding on the arms to have those aluminum residue from machining removed-- to also have a matte finish look..

3689551013?profile=originalYou can see the stack-up plate installed inside the centerpiece. I am planning to put the flight controller here. The metal screws will be replaced by nylon screws..

3689551056?profile=originalI need some ideas on mounting the landing gear to the quadcopter frame.. one of my option is connecting these using a rubber with double sided. or installing 8 anti-vibration balls like this one.. from goodluckbuy.

The whole assembly weights at 500g.. i will update the weight again after finishing all accessories. By the way, the total length motor-motor is 560mm.. Is this heavy for this size?

I am still waiting for some parts.. next will be landing gear and frame connection.

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  • U are an amazing designer. well done! i was wondering if it is possible that u send the drawings to me? i wanted to try to draw a frame but i am not skilled in that kind of stuff. u don't have to if u don't want to 


  • Thanks for the link. Nice build--really creative. My AUW will be around 1.8 to 2kgs too..

  • I used to build battleships but later on planning for a light tank.

  • I agree, They (T-motor) are far more expensive than sunnysky 2814, but weighs alot lesser (20grams difference). But for now, I will go for sunnysky just to be within my budget. I am buying some apc props for testing. Still waiting for some supplies to arrive before I can test.

  • Hi RJC,

    4S and those motors sound about right, T motors are seriously expensive but really well made though.

    I presume you are talking about the 3508 T motor in the KV700 class too, looks good and shows 60 OZ max thrust with an APC 12 x 3.8 prop, that ought to get you off the ground in a hurry good efficiency at 1/2 throttle too.

    I'd plan on trying a variety of props between 12" and 14" some are bound to work much better than others.

  • @ CliffiN. Yup a heavy quad. from the start I already knew this quad will way around 450 to 500g. way too heavy compared to 3dr quad (below 450g).

  • heavy tank in comparison to other aluminum class frame
  • that's really a tank just landed in your garage! congratulations Reggie!

  • @ Gary, Yes the reason that I did not use T6 aluminum is because of its tempered state-- very hard to bend, unless you anneal it. All the process will become complicated for a DIY. I used 3003 aluminum.

    Wow you guessed it right! 14 inch prop is the largest that the arm can accommodate. Thanks for the tips. I am looking at sunnysky 2814 700KV on a 4S battery. T-motors 3508 are also in my option.

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