Don't buy the original Gaui 330x quadflyer it's a beta. Buy the new version call the Gaui 330x(s version)

I give the Gaui 330x 7 out 10 because it has a very solid body very durable, inexpensive when compare to the other quadcopter on the market and it actually flies.

Pros: parts are easy available, it's simple to build and repair. The main brain on this copter consist of a Gyro and receiver. That's it nothing else, performance is pretty good as well. There's also talk of a gps on this quad. I was able to fly this quad in my dinning room which is 12'x12' with no problem.

Cons: Cheap esc and brushless motors, horrible landing gear and propeller nuts that may come off even if loctite is used. For example i had a propellor come off while checking my transmitter setting and i used loctite.

I recommend replacing the propeller nuts before any major flight this will save you a lot of money on repairs if one or more propeller come off while in the air. Later down the line change out the landing gear other than that buyers should enjoy this quad.
I have posted photos of the locknuts i used to replace the propeller nuts, my 330x start to finish. If you have any question on building or in general please contact me.

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Comment by Chris Anderson on July 4, 2010 at 5:06pm
I just finished mine. I agree that the frame is good (albeit small) and the landing gear is a joke. One other annoying thing is that the power distribution harness has connector that I've never seen before and fits no battery I've got. So I had to solder up another custom adapter. What's wrong with Deans connectors??
Comment by Charles John on July 5, 2010 at 5:42am
I did not use the battery connectors Gaui sent i use connectors I had from an old helicopter. So battery connectors have to be replace with traditional US made connectors which buyer should be able to find in any hobby store.
Comment by Charles John on July 5, 2010 at 5:53am
I like the small size because with practice the pilot should be able to fly indoor. For the bigger size i hoping the xaircraft Octo is not buggy and flies well. that the next step for me.
Comment by Charles John on July 17, 2010 at 7:12pm
If you bought the first version of the gaui 330x, then you are like me we were flying a beta. I have sold mine since 7a esc were impossible to find. Oh i forgot to mention i had a esc burn out on me. I don't think gaui is concerned with 330x original version. they are clearly focus on the the new version with scorpion motors and 10a esc. So don't buy the original version buy the new version here is the link it's called the S version
Comment by Charles John on July 17, 2010 at 7:52pm
It looks like the x3d ufo is still the king of the hill.
Comment by Charles John on July 17, 2010 at 8:09pm
It's looks like gaui has a bigger more stable and cp quadcopter coming out please check out this video link.!
Comment by David Ankers on July 18, 2010 at 8:13am
Just a heads up that Gaui is not a new name for Heli flyers and I don't think they have ever released a product that could be called finished. This is not to knock them, I have had a lot of fun with their products but all have had issues and needing upgrades and modification. Waiting till the next version doesn't help either as although some of the old issues get fixed they always introduce a raft of new ones. They are certainly not known for getting things right first time and have a reputation for rushing things out of the door basically untested.

The trick Guai and also a lot of hobby companies use is to build up hype for their products so there is a big demand at release or worse they will get pre-orders for an unseen and untried product, if you do this you are simply a sucker for new things and being played. This pre-ordering and hype is of course to make as much money off the product early in the release cycle and then they often abandon it quickly just as we are seeing with the 330x. This is their business model, it is how they have chosen to operate, you need to know this if you are buying their products and set expectations accordingly.

So, its nothing new, they do the same thing with helis as well, hype a new heli tell everyone it is the best thing ever some people buy it, it half works and Gaui then announces the upgraded version which, honest, will do what we said the last one would, and on and on it goes, over and over again.

Charles, you are telling people to not buy the original but to buy the S version instead, knowing Gaui next month you will be telling people to not buy the S version but to buy the T. The trick is to not buy anything Gaui until the product is known and how it performs, this might encourage them to do more testing and release a product when it is really ready, the knock on effect is that they will not be so fast to abandon products and leave customers with something that half works.
Comment by Charles John on July 18, 2010 at 9:06am
I respect what you saying but with that said. The question I'm putting to any consumer thinking of purchasing the 330x original version is. Why would you pay 350.00 shipped for the 330x version when you can get the 330x (s version) for 50.00 more? What do you get for the 50.00 more here what: " This is the data of new 330X-S published by GAUI. The different of 330X vs 330X-S is the power system. New version come with 4 Scorpin OEM motors and 4 bigger ESC (7A -> 10A)". Now knowing that, buying this upgrade separately could cost about 150-200.00 more plus shipping. You just lost anywhere from a 100.00 -150.00 if not more.

I really like what Gaui has done with this quad. The problem i had is the lack of esc and brushless motors that were available/spare parts. when one of mine esc went out i could not find any supplier out there that had them in stock and i waited two weeks hoping some supplier would get them in but that never happen. Now that two weeks that i could not fly my copter frustrated so i sold mine. Consumer who are considering buying this copter do yourself a favor do your home work read the blogs and reviews before you make a decision and compare the the two version. and please post feedback of what you decision was and why, Thank you
Comment by Leonardo Lisboa on July 18, 2010 at 11:40am
A friend of mine with huge experience in heli and airplanes bought one of this 330X and had a very bad experience with it. Even after replacing the ESC (the ones that comes with it are very bad) with good quality heli ESC, the thing does not fly well and the giro seems to not work properly.
He did all possible settings in the giro and also in the radio, but couldn't see the thing fly for more than 30 seconds without shaking and get out of control.
Luckly he's a very experienced heli pilot, so could manage to not brake the quat, but as experienced by him, I would not recommend this model anyway.

Comment by Charles John on July 18, 2010 at 12:41pm
Good points made, the problem i have with Gaui is that there selling a beta. a lot of folk spent a lot money to get what they paid for. I mean Gaui knew the esc and motors are faulty that why they hurry and made another version the (S) version with improved brushless motor and 10a esc instead of those 7a. And on top of that the replace parts like esc and brushless motor are sold out and the supplier can't tell you when they will have them in. Nothing perfect but if you know there a problem with the product like esc,motors atleast have repair parts ready so if something needs repaired you don't have to wait 15-30 days for parts to be instock. Thanks Leonardo for you comments


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