A Senate bill to reauthorize the FAA contains provisions related to the manufacture of drones that could apply to home-built drones, as well as those produced by large consumer manufacturers. The bill in question, titled the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2016, contains provisions that would have a significant impact on technology innovation by all manufacturers of small drones. With no size or weight threshold, the bill, if adopted, would add new and burdensome manufacturing, testing and approval restrictions to even the tiniest drones.  And, most disturbing, these restrictions could apply to hobby-built remote controlled aircraft or student-built drones, effectively prohibiting them from operating outdoors. The legislation could also retroactively ground already-built models that didn’t meet the manufacturing standards called for by the proposed legislation.


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  • Actually it's about an illusion of public safety... very little relating to real concerns about public safety here.
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    This will be no different than what medical device and robot manufacturers have to do today to get their products certified to bring to market.

    Its just about public safety

  • MLK once said before they shot him: Evil happens because good people let it...

    This is the nature of democracy to let hordes dictate policy through public driven fear. They reap what they sow.

    Gary...let me know when you find the wormhole back...I'm coming with! ;-)

  • @DG Do you think you can keep your politics out of this. Plenty of other places for for you to vent. (not the original post, which is very topical)

  • I don't think either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton look anything like WC Fields. Karl Marx maybe.

    Uncle Joe Biden said there should be no Supreme Court justice (John Roberts is still alive) seated during a presidential election year. 

    In my book, the less the clowns in Washington do the better off we all are.

    Kind of funny how that works isn't it?

  • Sadly there is no end to the stupidity relating to ""DRONES"".

    We live in a world governed by idiots where the Senates current obsession is in not doing it's job relating to installing a chief justice and where WC Fields is the leading candidate for President.

    I am now absolutely positive I was born on the wrong planet.

  • Good grief
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