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  • If you fool around with Bees, you will eventually brick one!.  I did, but fixed it differently than most on-line instructions.

    The forced boot-loader, and RST ploys both failed in my case.  But since I've messed with computers enough, (back to CPM) I figured it like this.  Since I have two, they must be identical to communicate, if the same model.  Since mine pretty much worked out of the box, I had simply changed the baud rate to 56700, which seems to be as fast as the model I have (XPB9B-XC)  wants to run.  I determined this buy using X-CTU and then Read in Modem Configuration, which displays a drop-down list of "modem parameters" (X-CTU uses the word "modem" like cops use the word "vehicle"). 

    In the drop-down, under "Serial Interfacing BD" .... the maximum speed offered is 57600.  (works at this speed OK. BTW)  But since I wanted to run at 115200 for APM, and couldn't with that profile (XPB9B-XC) I had tried to load another profile and......... Ka-blooy.. brick city!  (green light OFF)

    I tried most of the most of the posted remedies but none seemed to work.  Then, figuring out I had two with one working, I plugged in the good one and did a READ command which loaded it's firmware into memory.  I then, without unplugging the AdaFruit carrier from the SparkFun 3.3v/5v FTDI Basic interface and I plugged in the other (sick) XBee (already) in a similar AdaFruit carrier and hit the WRITE button in Modem Configuration menu on X-CTU, and it now is working.  Kinda like copying a floppy?  Just copied one's firmware into the other.

    I haven't tried anything but both in a terminal (mode) conversation, but they are talking to each other again.  Happy ending!

    Step by Step


    Two XPB9B-XC XBees  900mhz

      I have each Xbee in it's own AdaFruit Xbee Adapter board.

      I am using the SparkFun 3.3v/5v FTDI Basic USB interface which plugs into the AdaFruit adapter.

      X-CTU program software from

      FTDI driver for Windows from's link to drivers download site   


    1- Plug in USB with SparkFun FTDI attached to Adafruit containg the working XBee.. and USB cable into com port

    2- Start X-CTU program then select  "PC Settings" tab and set baud rate. (start at 9600 unless...)

    3- Confirm operation using Test/Query.  You must get through this step which shows read operation works OK.

    4- Select "Modem Configuration" tab

    5- click "READ".  This loads working unit's firmware into memory.  (If it doesn't display the parameters list in a dropdown then the rest probably will not get it working.)  If it does, though, continue! 

    6- without doing anything else, unplug AdaFruit carrier from Sparkfun adapter. 

    7- Now, plug in non-working Xbee mounted in it's own Adafruit carrier into the still-connected-to-the-computer Sparkfun adapter.

    8- Click "WRITE"

    9- Adafruit green diode should come on indicating Xbee working.

    10- test by starting a second copy of X-CTL (use different port, correct baud rate) then select "TERMINAL" tab

    11 Move cursor to text area and type a few keys:  If the XBees can now talk to each other, you fixed it.

     I hope this brief entry helps some other poor slob who Bricked-His-Bee!  (BHB) - It's now 4:20!

    Happy Trails!


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