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DOZDOG replied to Charosenz's discussion GPS bad health after updating MP from 1.2.84 to 1.2.95
"Now, it's 20 min later and the error message is now gone.  Have 3D lock and unit responds as it should to movement.
Perhaps the message is displayed prior to sat hookup?  It must be new, or fired under a different set of circumstances because I…"
Feb 7, 2014
DOZDOG replied to Charosenz's discussion GPS bad health after updating MP from 1.2.84 to 1.2.95
"I too have the same "BAD GPS HEALTH" problem. Im using Mission Planer 1.2.95.build 1.1.5150.11972 which I downloaded today.  Prior to update, I didn't have the problem.  I am on 2 Macs both running VM/XP.
All was right prior to update(s)  but now…"
Feb 7, 2014
DOZDOG commented on Patrick McKay's blog post FOIA Response Reveals FAA Routinely Misrepresents the Law Regarding Unmanned Aircraft
"Seems like the AMA stance at this point is moot!    Sorry, Charlie:  Only congress gets to make laws!"
Feb 5, 2014
DOZDOG commented on DougB's blog post DraganFlyer disappears
"If you fool around with Bees, you will eventually brick one!.  I did, but fixed it differently than most on-line instructions.
The forced boot-loader, and RST ploys both failed in my case.  But since I've messed with computers enough, (back to CPM)…"
Nov 24, 2013
DOZDOG replied to Will Snodgrass's discussion Problems Connecting to APM after Update?
"I had MP version .87 up and it was showing GPS and was correctly displaying  roll/pitch/yaw in Flight Data screen.
I upgraded to MP 1.2 Mav 1.0.
I now have GPS: No GPS on Flight Data Screen.
What's up with this?

Thanks to whomever...."
Jul 28, 2012
DOZDOG posted a discussion
I installed  rel .87, fired it up and got the "Exception Message": "No Mavlink Heartbeat Packets were read from this port - Verify Baud Rate and Setup APM Planner waits for 2 valid heartbeat packets before connecting. "...followed by a couple other…
May 22, 2012
DOZDOG posted a discussion
I just got my APM2 but don't know how to connect it to a USB port.  I have a working Sparkfun FTDI basic, but it has a 6-pin connector and the APM2 doesn't.  So, how does it hook up?  Anyonedozdog@gmail.comThanks
May 18, 2012