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Lots of drama in the Australian Outback Challenge this year. Once again, it appears that nobody finished the challenge (spot a dummy--Outback Joe--and drop a water bottle near him), but they're getting closer. In the meantime, loads of crashes, as reported in this thread from the participants. (pic of crashed 12-ft Telemaster from Biloxthecat)
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  • It was good fun mainning the radio on Monday, all the local pilots really worked in well, most didnt want to go flying as they wanted to watch the UAVs but duty called.
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    Hi Guys :)

    Thanks for the correction Mick, my mistake.

    I dropped Melbourne UAV off yesterday afternoon - the boys are extreamly excited about their achievments. I'm stillon the road to Adelaide - and will arrive some time this afternoon. I have video of the first and last team briefings which I'm going to post on youtube as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay guys, but for the 2 days which we attended I've been travelling for 6 days on the road for up to 12 hours a day! (via Melbourne) - which has really taken it's toll on me - 8 hours to go!!. Nevertheless, I have had the unique oppertunity to play the role of fly on the wall, which has been absolutely fantastic. I also took my Beagle UAV, and it was great to put it on show and discuss what I've been doing. I'm thinking that perhaps next year if I go, I'd like to demonstrate it, much like the Scaneagle and Flemingo were instead of competing. - we'll see...

    Indeed the teams received encouragment awards, which I think is a great way to also encourage more teams for next years event. The event was well organised and there was plenty of oppertunity for meeting people with similar interests. The event also serves as a vehicle for progressing our interests with the regulators, and it was great that everyone demonstrated professional behavior while operating along side manned aircraft - Monday expecially saw extensive airfield utilisation.

    I encourage anyone interested in going next year to start planning and working now - its a really great event.

    I hope everyone who attended enjoyed it - I know I did

  • Actually the Indians and open UAS got the $1000
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    That all sounds in the spirit of the event, excellent. I really hope that's not the last one, some posts still allude to that being it. Whats the truth Mick?
  • "Not Sure" is correct... as for final points that may be released next week.

  • When asked, the competition officals stated 'no-one won the event'. However, they would offer encouragement awards instead. Quoting 'IOS' from the thread on RCgroups as he explained it well in that thread:

    at 5:30 there was a final team brief, and Team Galah and Team Melbourne UAV were awarded encouragment awards and $7500 prize money. Open UAS and QUT got $2500 and Team Rocky and the Indian Team got $1000.

    As for the point count, who knows...
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    Not Sure,

    Nobody had more points than the others?
  • Um...

    For clarification, at the awards ceremony, it was clearly stated, that no-one won the competition, instead a list of encouragement awards were given.
  • For $3,800 u would expect them to win really. Way to expencive for my tastes.
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    I think the Ezi-Nav is made in the USA by AUAV in Florida.
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