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DroidPlanner 2.0 Beta Announced


The DroidPlanner team, led by Arthur Benemann, is pleased to announce the next version of its Android-based UI. DroidPlanner 2.0 offers a completely redesigned interface for controlling 3DR multirotors over Mavlink. The UI/UX has been rethought with an emphasis on simplified workflows, glanceable information, and reliability for the most common user actions.

DroidPlanner 2.0 centers around two screens: Telemetry and Planning. The telemetry screen allows users to quickly assess the state of the aircraft and perform quick actions, like loiter and land. The planning screen allows users to create missions on the fly, as well as edit them easily in the field. Other features, particularly those different from the original DroidPlanner, are listed below. The DroidPlanner 2.0 UI was specifically targeted at multirotors, but full plane support and all the features of the original DroidPlanner are coming soon!


  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface
  • Specifically designed for 3DR multirotors and Iris
  • New telemetry screen showing quick glanceable info: HUD, battery, RSSI, distance
  • Easy to use Home, Land, and Loiter buttons
  • New guided mode with changeable altitude
  • Quick mode switching
  • New planning screen for quick mission generation
  • Easy and powerful mission editing tools
  • Basic radio TX setup
  • Preflight checklist

Coming soon:

  • Survey tools in the mission planning screen
  • FollowMe 2.0 with advanced control options
  • New flight tuning screens
  • Improved radio configuration
Here are the instructions to download:
3) Download the app from the Play Store (this may take 30 mins or so to go live for you after you become a beta tester)

The app is still in a beta release, bugs can be reported on Github.

For additional support check out the DroidPlanner forum.

If you like the app consider making a donation to support the development.

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  • I am on AC3.2 and Droid Planner V2.8.6 RC2. I dont see the Follow me icon like in the videos at the bottom. Do I have to be flying and have gps lock in loiter for it to appear?

  • Developer

    You need AC3.2 for follow-me

  • Quad with firmware 3.1.5 that is perfectly calm in every mode, shows a kick-nose-up, for a fraction of a second then calms right down for each startup move in Follow-me-mode.

    Any ideas?

  • @Arthur Benemann I downloaded the current Version but i will go back and see if another version is available. I initially installed a version, then joined the beta group then uninstalled the "public" version, and installed what ever google play gave me which is this current version. but thanks for the feed back i will e=definitely retry with a newer version. its very exciting stuff for me and thanks for all you are doing!

  • Sorry Arthur.

    As I was searching for the version you asked for I noticed in the setting part that "Telemetry Connection Type" was set to USB ;-(

    So I set it to BT and everything is fine now :-)

    Thanks anyways. 

  • Developer

    @TheMightyThor: I just saw your video and it's cool that you are trying out our stuff, and sharing with people. A couple of comments:

    You should update to the new beta, because it looks that you are two versions behind and we fixed a bunch of stuff.

    You should check which type of follow that you are using, by opening the right sliding menu. You have multiple options there and also the ability to change the current height. When you enter follow-me it will keep the current height.

    Also follow-me can take a couple of seconds to start working, since the GPS on your device needs to "awake".

    @Paul: Can you give more details? Which version doesn't work, and it works with what version?

  • Did not Have Much luck with Follow me, any help appreciated see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIZwR1gapMI

  • I was testing this version, butnow my Bluetooth is not connecting any more.

    It shows this message: 

    MAVLink Error: No Devices found.

    Bluetooth module and Samsung tab2 are working fine together on my other copter with CRUIS AIOP fc.

    But my PixHawk and the same bluetooth module wont work with DroidPlanner.

  • Arthur i had a second question. How if Flight Altitude for Follow me established? is it set at the altitude that Follow me is engaged? i ask because Andropilot had a parameter for that? thanks in advance

  • @Arthur Benemann thanks Arthur, i joined beta testers, then  got the new beta, so i found it, but thanks i look forward to this new versin it looks awesome so far!

This reply was deleted.