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DroidPlanner 2.0 Beta Announced


The DroidPlanner team, led by Arthur Benemann, is pleased to announce the next version of its Android-based UI. DroidPlanner 2.0 offers a completely redesigned interface for controlling 3DR multirotors over Mavlink. The UI/UX has been rethought with an emphasis on simplified workflows, glanceable information, and reliability for the most common user actions.

DroidPlanner 2.0 centers around two screens: Telemetry and Planning. The telemetry screen allows users to quickly assess the state of the aircraft and perform quick actions, like loiter and land. The planning screen allows users to create missions on the fly, as well as edit them easily in the field. Other features, particularly those different from the original DroidPlanner, are listed below. The DroidPlanner 2.0 UI was specifically targeted at multirotors, but full plane support and all the features of the original DroidPlanner are coming soon!


  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface
  • Specifically designed for 3DR multirotors and Iris
  • New telemetry screen showing quick glanceable info: HUD, battery, RSSI, distance
  • Easy to use Home, Land, and Loiter buttons
  • New guided mode with changeable altitude
  • Quick mode switching
  • New planning screen for quick mission generation
  • Easy and powerful mission editing tools
  • Basic radio TX setup
  • Preflight checklist

Coming soon:

  • Survey tools in the mission planning screen
  • FollowMe 2.0 with advanced control options
  • New flight tuning screens
  • Improved radio configuration
Here are the instructions to download:
3) Download the app from the Play Store (this may take 30 mins or so to go live for you after you become a beta tester)

The app is still in a beta release, bugs can be reported on Github.

For additional support check out the DroidPlanner forum.

If you like the app consider making a donation to support the development.

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  • ok, hi Arthur.

    i just had a nasty crash while using the droidplanner beta 2 with the phone.

    where can i send the tlog file ? 

    i wish to know the cause of it.

    in simple words .. i had 3 missions today. 1 with mission planner from the laptop, went well.

    second with the phone DP2b, also went well.

    the 3rd one was a bit boldy of me .. had few WP at 30 meters alt.also one where i was to go behind a tree ... 

    but at the start, i armed ( with the tx controller ) , went to loiter ( so if something happen i will go to loiter and not fall from the sky ) then in the phone went to auto, moved the thrl stick a bit up, mission started.

    the copter went up to about 3 meters, then just went down faster then i coult change mode :(.

    in went down on the legs killing the ginbal :( and a few props ... 

    in the same place it was ...

    i wish to analize the log please so we can tell what made it go down.

    thank you.

  • Developer


    We normally discuss it a little bit at the forum before filling an issue, to not clutter up the developers mail inbox.

    But this kind of feature requests fits into our issue section :).

  • Thx for your reply . Sorry, I did not know that proposals like this fit to an issue section.

    The third request relates to the circumstance, that I usually take different battery sizes to the place I´m flying which would make it comfortable to have a small dropdown menue upfront for changing this fastly. Not really necessary , just a comfort feature.


  • Developer

    Please post your issues on our github issue tracker https://github.com/DroidPlanner/droidplanner/issues

    But I don't know what you mean by the third item?

  • Great , I love the Droidpanner tool.  I have a request, would it be possible :

    1. To implement a high contrast big number screen (with big letters for battery and GPS status)  ?

    Like shown here , sorry I did made this fake based on the former version


    2  To implement a voice warning, when hp is above 2.5m and Sats are lower than 7 ..instead of GPS 3D lock ?

    3. To implement a setup for different batteries (for those using different capacities out in the woods.)


    1. Since I experience the DroidPlanner as a great help because it is shouting out the status of the battery , it would be a great help as well, if it could announce usable GPS status as well (which is above GPS 3D Lock)

    2. I always use the DroidPlanner , even without flying Auto Missions , because it shows battery and GPS status as well . On my small fone put on top of the Tx, it is hard to take a fast look onto the very small status letters.

    It would be nice , if you would consider to offer such an option.

    But even if you don´t, thanks a lot for this great tool.

  • thank you arthur !

    :), just installed. need to wait for the evening to test lol.

  • Developer

    My Galaxy S3 connects with my x-bee 900 to a legacy APM 1 and Radio cals just fine, but my screen is used up mostly, but still functional. Quick to connect now. Thanks for update.

  • Developer
    @Guy: You just need a google account. By the way on the beta there is the version with phone support.
    Here are the instructions to download:
    3) Download the app from the Play Store (this may take 30 mins or so to go live for you after you become a beta tester)

  • how can i be a friend with the page of G+ ?

    thank you

  • I've tried plugging a USB thumb drive in and that works fine.

    I've ordered a Bluetooth bridge from Amazon today, it was only £7, fingers crossed that works.

This reply was deleted.