DroidPlanner 2 - Official Stable Release


It is our pleasure to announce the first public release of DroidPlanner 2.0 on the Google Play Store.  It represents a complete rethinking of the way users interact with autonomous aircraft.  

The goal was to simplify workflows, provide more glanceable information and increase overall reliability for the most common user interactions. The biggest changes are as follows:

  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface

  • Mission editing including survey

  • Quick actions including Land and Loiter

  • In-app RC Radio Configuration

  • Phone-specific layout

  • Improved Guided Mode

  • Dialog for Bluetooth device selection

In DroidPlanner 2.0 you’ll find two primary screens for interaction: Telemetry and Planning.  From the telemetry screen you can quickly assess overall aircraft health and what it is doing.  You can also enter Guided mode at your current altitude with a long press--give it a try!  Other quick actions from the Telemetry screen include Land, Home (RTL), and Loiter.

The Planning screen has been redesigned to allow users to quickly make and manage simple missions while at home or in the field.  Takeoff, Waypoint, Land, and Survey are currently supported, with more mission construction elements coming soon.

You’ll find some features left out from the original DroidPlanner.  They will be added back in soon after thorough testing.  Notably, plane support, more mission items, improvements to Follow-Me, and more support for in-flight tuning are around the corner.

Special thanks to all the devs, including Azrin, Rob, Fredia, Paku, David, and Jason.

Download here.

You can get support here.

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Find some Frequently Asked Questions here.

And see the source here.

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  • Thanks, Arthur.

    Current release on google play is the same Droidplanner_v2.7.10_RC2 (one with this problem I have)

    Where can I download beta with this fix? Build from sources?

  • Developer

    Issue 1182 was fixed on the latest beta.

    About the connection issues, they are related to you system. The firmware and mavlink fields on the settings are populated with info from the vehicle.

  • Same issue as Max Arthur. I'm using Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 which was working fine prior to the last update.

    Is it possible to use the Openpilot OPlink mini modem to connect? The OPLM units operate at 433Mhz so not sure if this is an issue. I tried to connect it ,but no luck so far. In settings for Firmware and Mavlink its blank, so I take it the MAV link firmware is downloaded from the flight controller?

  • Done, issue #1182

  • Device is Huawei Mediapad 7.  Rеsolution is 1280x800 landscape..  Android 4.0.3...

    Do not think resolution play much role unless you have separate layouts fordifferent dpi/orintations

    More likely the problem will appear on any 4.0.3 with hdpi screen setting.

    Has no idea how to create an issue, but will try.

  • Developer

    @Max: Can you create an issue on github, and report the screen size/resolution of your tablet?

  • Looks like something messed up in layout xml since buttons was added at bottom center..

    (If I remember right the version I played before hadn't 'connect' in bottom center )

  • 3701853938?profile=originalThank you, Arthur for quick response. Has no idea how to make screenshot on my tablet.. so just a photo...That's way it looks after start...

    I tried to swipe... no reaction... but after few attempts I got it ... heh... not much better...


  • Developer

    @Max please post a screenshot. And to open the settings you can also swipe from the left side of the screen.

  • Not updated for a long time so can't say in which version problem appeared.

    Can't say what previous version I had , but it worked perfectly.

    Updated now to Droidplanner_v2.7.10_RC2 and was very upset.

    First top light-gray bar with status info overlays left and right top buttons, but this is not as fatal as next...

    Next problem - I can't open DP2 settings , no reaction on attempt to click on DP2 icon at left side of the bar .

    Device Huawei Mediapad7 android 4.0.3

This reply was deleted.