DroidPlanner & 3DR flight test (APM for Android)

3689514490?profile=originalI´ve succeeded to use the DroidPlanner (by A. Benemann) software with my Arducopter using a 3DR telemetry link in a real flight tests on the field.

To do that you'll need a couple of things:

- OTG (On The Go) USB cable (3€ in Amazon)

- A "rooted" Android terminal. I´ve used my Nexus 7. (Please google for how-to "root" an Android terminal).


I've got it working really quite straight forward:

- connect the 3DR Tx on the N7 (see video attached)

- select "USB" as "Telemetry Connection Tipe"

- enjoy...

 This is thanks to the great  work done by Arthur Benemann on this software. It really worths. See this post.


Main performances work very well. Video attached shows main use tips.



Below some ideas for future updates and comments:

- next update suggestions:

- should have a parameter edition: this is a must. Very important

- edition of WP´s

- How to use offline maps?


Small bugs to correct:

- guided works well but altitude is not specified (lift to the infinite and beyond)

- Text to speech only works in some pages (not in all)

- Changiing from "flight data" page to "planning" page brakes the program.

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  • 1) blue end to phone

    2) maybe core does not support otg

  • Arthur,

    I have a Samsung Core (GT i82670L) Android 4.1.2.

    I plugged in a 3DR radio via the USB cable that comes with the radio (micro USB connector on either end) and NOTHING.

    There are no lights even on the radio. What do I need to connect to a 3DR radio?

  • Developer

    @Roy Le: What if you plug a USB flash drive? Anything happens?

  • I connect the Xtend to my HTC butterfly with a OTG cable, but it doesn't work, is the power too low or others problem? thanks!

  • Developer

    I can confirm that droidplanner works with the nexus 7 2013 WiFi edition, running android 4.3 and 4.4, via USB and Bluetooth. Also being rooted or not doesn't matter.

  • I'm trying to confirm that the Nexus 7 2013 Edition actually works with this.   Seems there is conflicting informaition about OGT being supported on the newer one.

    I just returned a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0   I can confirm, rooted or not it doesn't support OGT.


  • @Arthur


  • Developer


    I have tested with a rctimer module without problems.

    Please post all your info at the forum (DP version, APM board and version, modules ...), then we will be able to help you:


  • @Arthur

    Well it seems to work as I can mount a USB stick as a flash drive. But I use Stickmount Software to let it recognize it. But it doesn't come with a prompt window neither.

    My air module is a rctimer one, but it should behave exactly the same as with 3dr, no? Any other idea?


  • Developer


    Make sure your USB adapter works by testing it with something like a flash drive. I now have a Nexus (2013) and it woks without problems in any of the connection modes (USB,TCP,UDP,Bluetooth).

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