DroidPlanner & 3DR flight test (APM for Android)

3689514490?profile=originalI´ve succeeded to use the DroidPlanner (by A. Benemann) software with my Arducopter using a 3DR telemetry link in a real flight tests on the field.

To do that you'll need a couple of things:

- OTG (On The Go) USB cable (3€ in Amazon)

- A "rooted" Android terminal. I´ve used my Nexus 7. (Please google for how-to "root" an Android terminal).


I've got it working really quite straight forward:

- connect the 3DR Tx on the N7 (see video attached)

- select "USB" as "Telemetry Connection Tipe"

- enjoy...

 This is thanks to the great  work done by Arthur Benemann on this software. It really worths. See this post.


Main performances work very well. Video attached shows main use tips.



Below some ideas for future updates and comments:

- next update suggestions:

- should have a parameter edition: this is a must. Very important

- edition of WP´s

- How to use offline maps?


Small bugs to correct:

- guided works well but altitude is not specified (lift to the infinite and beyond)

- Text to speech only works in some pages (not in all)

- Changiing from "flight data" page to "planning" page brakes the program.

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  • Hi all!

    I have unlocked my Nexus 7, but when I plug my telemetry module, I don't get any prompt. Telemetry has solid green LED and blinking red one. Same module connected to my laptop is ok. Then in Droidplanner, when I click on connection, it answers "disconnected" and nothing happen. In the droidplanner config, telemetry connection type is set to USB and telemetry link speed is set to correct 57600.

    Please any help welcome!

  • Comment by afernan just now
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    TESTS on v0.7.5 (from github)I´ve tested this version on mu NEXUS 7 and 3DR link. See this video showing new performances including GUIDED mode.

    In summary, much more stable. Works very well all modes tested.

    Small bug in GUIDED. You need to introduce a new altitude each time you play a new GUIDED point. That is, although it remember last altitude, after a guided run and trying a new guided point, sometimes  it remains in the point until a new altitude change is introduced.

    Again, thanks and congratullations to Arthur.


  • Developer

    @afernan: That's way if possible I would like to debug this with you. Nexus 7 is one of the most popular devices. Can we schedule a meting via skype or Gtalk (answer through a PM with your mail)?


  • BTW, a "follow me" can be implemented quite stright forward (I guess) by using the GPS position of the GCS terminal itself and sending it back to copter with a gap of distance-height, although the GPS position on the terminal is not very good, but enough for initial tests.


  • Arthur:

    sometimes this kinda problems are "terminat" dependant, I mean, this problem can happen in Nexus7 and not in other terminals (and vv). I have also a Nexus4 (both from Google) and not all software works the same in both. In particular I use also the "aq-gcs" (ground control for AUTOQUAD) with issues, different in both terminals.


  • Developer

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    @James: I'm happy to hear it works with an 'unrooted' device, It should is just that I haven't tested.

    @afernan: I'll let you now when I'm about to release some big change in DP.

    And if you can reproduce that error, and if you have the time, I would like to debug that with you (I just doesn't happen to me after a update I did a while ago).

  • @Arthur: thanks for your detailled answer.

    I´ll follow your issues list in github to help debuging you. I could fly test updates for you before releasing if you want (I did it in AC early phases).

    About my comments:

    edition of WP´s:

    in a first stage I´d like to selectfor each WP:

    • height for each WP 
    • type limited to Loiter (for some time), lift-off (to a heigth), land, circles and RTH.
    • speed to next WP

    "Changing from "flight data" page to "planning" page brakes the program".

    It happened to me almost everytime. I used to pass thru other page GCP to avoid crash.


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  • This is a really great bit of software Arthur. I've been testing it on an unrooted $99 'audiosonic' brand 7" tablet from (the Australian version of) K-Mart. Seems to work fine on the ground - the hud moves and the map updates. I haven't flown with it yet, but I assume that part will be ok. I am using the long range RFD-900 telemetry kit and it is working fine with that.


    The need for rooting or not seems to depend on what access the manufacturer allows to the USB drivers. Most newer tablets running Android OS 4.1 or above probably don't need it.


    BTW - I know it's a common *nix related term, but "rooting" is slang for something quite different here in Australia, so I get some strange looks from people when I tell them I may need to root my tablet!!

  • Developer

    Here is a list of previous DroidPlanner posts:

    Be sure to follow the work on this app since it still has a long way to go. I just added some more subtle issues I found by watching your video again (like the flight map shows the wrong heading for the drone),

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