It has come to my attention that people are not noticing this amazing app that is being produced for Android to give full missionplanner functionality and more using Mavlink to your UNMODIFIED android device


Features: Follow Me (If you device has GPS, you can set your plane or copter to follow me and it will circle or hover above your point or trail behind you as you run for it :)

Parameters (Droidplanner has a Parameters screen which allows you to correct your parameters in flight from your android device, no laptops to lug around!

Accelerometer Calibration Droidplanner has Horizon calibration to allow you to calibrate your copter in the field, which can be a life saver if you go miles to fly and find the horizon is off.)

Flightpath Planning  Droidplanner Offers the ability to program your way points onto google maps with options for default altitude and more, it is very user friendly and works well!

Remote control Aircraft from app.  (This app has a very special feature which allows you to Control your model from the app using a touch screen interface, this means if something went wrong and you could not use your controller, or you have a friend who wants to try flying but do not have a buddy system, you can use this feature to control your Model!)

Remote control Camera Gimble (A feature unique to Droid planner allows you to control a camera gimple plugged into the apm from the App, this means rather than buying two controllers or modifying your controller to add extra control for the camera, simply switch to camera control and you have full ability to adjust the camera position as you like.)

Live Horizon and Map view with telemetry data  Switch to the flight data Tab and have full telemetry view with vocal alerts, Altitude Number of sattelites, position shown on map, Airspeed and ground speed, level and more.

These are some of the Prominent features of Droid planner, but there is so much more!.

If you want to know how to connect the MAVlink dongle to your android device it is very simple, you need to buy a chep usb to micro usb (depending on your device) adpater from somewhere like ebay or amazon, plug the one end into android device, the other into the MAV link and thats it!

Check it out, completely FREE

(update by mh)

You need aUSB OTG cable.

List of compatible Android devices.

(end update)

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  • Thanks! Went to the field anyway, still not done with the mechanical tweaking ;).


    Further discussion in the forums as you proposed...

  • Developer


    Could we move your questions to the brand new DroidPlanner forum?

    But here are some things you can do in the mean time:

    Can you check what version of the app you have?

    Can you try to uninstall and re-install it from google play?

    I'm sorry if you lose your flight window, I know how bad is the felling of being grounded in a perfect day.

  • Hi All,

    I can't connect anymore.

    - It used to work fine: Galaxy S4, 433Mhz telemetry, everything as expected

    - Now it doesn't: reinstalled the app, cleared cache/storage, checked the groundradio (via PC all still ok)

    - The groundmodule baseprint Rx and Tx LED's flash couple of times when connecting USB cable, but pressing CONNECT in Droidplanner keeps saying "DISCONNECTED" and not any LED action.

    - I did receive an Android update recently, which was between working and non-working tests/connections. Phone now says Andoid 4.2.2, though I believe this is not a very recent version. So I dont know what the update from last week was about exactly, for now it's the closest pointer I have to things not working anymore. For what it's worth: whatsapp also gave a 'strange' security alert/message, though I doubt it's related (at least it indicates something on my Phone changed from the update)

    - Cant seem to find others on the webs having this issue.

    Maybe here? Any clues to go ahead? Many thanks, i'm sitting back a bit sad looking at perfect no-wind flying conditions... :(

  • Distributor


    just solved the problem ;)

    I didn't know that the telemetrie module has to be plugged in to start the application.

  • Distributor

    Hi Arthur,

    yes, I can open the Google Maps app.

    (I send you a friend request)

  • Developer


    Could you check if you can open Google Maps app?

    If you need more help feel free to contact me via mail to resolve the issue.

  • Distributor

    I don't manage to get DroidPlanner to run on my tablet, I have a Samsung GT-P3100. According to the download page it should work. I managed to install it, but if I try to run the application I get a "Unfortunately, DroidPlanner has stopped" message.

  • Developer

    @masam: Could you send me your mail so I can send you a custom build to test?

  • @ Arthur B.

    I've have these: VID_10C4&PID_EA60\0001

    It'll be great to get them working with DP,  got them for less than $8 a pair. Thanks.

  • Developer

    @ masam:

    Can you give me the VID&PID values from that board? I'll be modifying the usb-serial library in the next week I can add those as well. If you don't know what VID&PID are take a look on google (should be something like 0x6015 and 0x040A).


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