DroidPlanner is now installed on 3000 devices

DroidPlanner is now installed on 3000 devices, it's great to see so many people using it.


And here is from where everyone is coming from:Screenshot_from_2013_08_08_19_00_55.png

For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. If you want to help consider donating for the project by joining the development team, reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub or making a donation on the following link:

Also I would like to thanks everyone that started developing besides me, in the last month there has been codding activity by 8 authors.

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  • Developer

    Cool, that would enable you to use the FPV gear you already own.

    I did a version working with a IP camera, but just barley because it used MJPEG encoding. I have a nicer camera capable o H264 encoding coming, I hope that will work well.

  • Thanks for information Arthur. I am really interested about this topic.

    I did some search on web and I did find some guy connecting EasyCap to Nexus 7, see link below. Maybe this driver is already somehow?

    Nexus 7 and EasyCap

  • Developer

    @criro1999 :

    FPV  will work in the future, but you will need some especial hardware to make it work.

    Keep a watch here:

  • How this would work with FPV (with saving video signal)?

    Very impressed about this progress so far.

  • Developer

    Update: If someone wants to give a donation now it's possible to do it via PayPal at this link. This skip the 30% cut that Google Play takes and allow you to donate any amount you want.

  • thanks for this apk

  • Where are all the aussies who download this ? Are there any sydney siders on here ?

  • Developer

    Just to incite people to join the Alpha testers group, or even the developers, here is a thing that is already on the alpha release:

  • Distributor

    It's a shame to see only 102 users from Canada!!  

    Come on guys, try it out, I love it! 

  • China is the "others",haha.

    Some of my friend download DP from our it doesn't shown in Google Play.

    at least 100+

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