DroidPlanner is now installed on 4000 devices


As usual I'm doing another post, since DroidPlanner is now installed on 4000 devices!

 I share these post because I think you guys like it ( I check this data daily ), if someone doesn't like it then comment below.

Here is from where everyone is coming from (top 5):


For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. If you want to help consider donating for the project by joining the development team, reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub or making a donation on the following link:

Paypal Donation for DroidPlanner

Thanks for everyone that is helping with the project.

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  • You're right Arthur, I'll definitely add a power module. Anyone knows f I can find it in Europe? 25$ plus shipping is quite expensive...

  • Has anyone tested a Pixel Qi (the new color displays) android tablet? I had a Pixel Qi 1st gen display on my XO (One laptop per child) and it worked wonderfully outside!

  • Developer

    Keep a look on the brightness, a good value is above 500 nits. But I have seen some LCDs for sale that can output 1000 nits.

  • Any suggestions on a tablet with a bright enough display for outdoor use? I was looking at the original Nexus 7 since I can get that around $125.
  • Developer

    @ Ioan Ghip:

    Maybe in the near future I'll implement Bluetooth. Keep a watch on the following link:


    If you have some specific notification add them here:

    By the way the power module is the second best acquisition that you can make for ardupilot (the first one is the telemetry module). Knowing how much power you have left is a killer feature.

  • Arthur, can you customize the vocal messagges? I don't have a voltage monitor, so I would like for example to have altitude... BTW I was not aware of this new feature, I don't fly since a lot of time :)

    THX again for this development!

  • Developer

    Congrats! Awesome milestone.

  • Congrats Arthur!!!  I'll be sure to share and mention this awesome achievement in my next Diy Drones News Podcast! :)

  • thank you very much aethur for your great work. keep it going.
  • Developer

    Thanks everyone.

    @ entropia666:

    I know the problem, my tablet has a even lower brightness. I heard that one of those protective adhesives may help to reduce the glare. Either way you don't lose the most valuable feature (IMO) which are the voice notifications (battery, mode changes, waypoints...)

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