Droidworx CX-4 build

3689453900?profile=originalFRAME: Droidworx CX-4

Main Camera: GoPro HD Hero 1

FPV Camera: ReadyMadeRC RMRC-600XV

Video TX:FPV Hobby 5.8Ghz 500Mw

Motors: 4 x RCTimer BL2830/13 850Kv with 20A ESCS*

FC: APM1 with Sonar

Battery:Turnigy 3s 5000mAh


More beautiful gear from the Droidworx crew, and even moreso with 3M Di-Noc controltac Carbon Fibre wrap.

Waiting for some decent motors, as these are grossly underpowered for the 1.8Kg she weighs!!!!

Also upgrading shortly to the APM2 as I'm hoping I won't need the sonar now with higher resolution Barometer, and far superior MEMS gyros onboard.

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  • The airframe's for sale if anybody is interested? NZ $700 plus shipping.

    Keener to go simple, and lightweight for FPV flying fun until I can get some confidence flying the more expensive stuff. Besides, I can't afford the motors this puppy really deserves!!!!

  • Awesome, sounds as cumbersome as mine. Love to see a video when you get a chance?
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    @Owen. I wish I was. Don't have a scale to weigh, but it's a stock MK setup with CX3 gimbal, gopro, 4S5000mah,OSD,videoTX.

    Ok result are in from changing from AXI 2217/20 10x6 tri prop to AXI 2814/22 12x4.7SF props.

    Total amps down from 30A to 25A. ESC temps down from 105degC to 85degC.

    Easier upgrade than trying to make room for a Octo power distro board and escs.
  • @ Jason, thank you, I'll chase him up.

    @ Hai Tran, are you just loaded with money or what? ;)

    what is your AUW on the CX-4, mine's 1.8Kg

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    Ok after trying to fly the CX4 with a CX3 pitch/roll gimbal with a GoPro and Nex7, I don't think it's safe, as the AXI2217/20 motors are getting very hot.  ESCs getting to 100+ degC.

    I had ordered 4 more motors and I was going to make the CX4 into an X8, however, the 8 esc board won't fit, as the vertical support for the cover is in the way.

    So plan B.  I changed the 2217/20's with the AXI 2814/22 (the same ones used on heavy lifters).

    Haven't test flown yet as its been raining.  However I'm hopeful, as the droidworx recommendation sheet, show that a quad with 2217s has a payload of 400-500g, whereas with the 2814s has a payload of 1.3kg.

    I'm currently running 10x6 tri props, I find that they are better than running 10x4.7SF because I don't get any vibration or jello on the video.  I'm going to put on 12x4.5SF, the same as what I use on my heavy lift octo.  If I can hover at 5A per motor like my hexa and octo, I'll be happy.  There is only about 2cm clearance between the props and the body, so that will be interesting.

  • @rory g'day mate, yeah I have & am tossing those up with tiger equivalents. Don't have a big budget tho, so hesitant. Thanks for suggestion though :)
  • T3


    Have you considered Avroto 2814s?

  • @Hai Tran. Yeah, I want to get the CX1 gimbal or similar, and I'm struggling to find suitable motors to suit her. The Axi's are just too damned expensive though. I'll keep a keen eye on your build, especially if you're going X8. What's the deal with that, do you just piggy back the same PWM motor output, and reverse direction from its top partner?

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    Nice I think I need to get my cover "wrapped" maybe something with Polka-dots.

  • @Hai Tran - 3M Di-Noc is a vinyl film, so it can negotiate those corners better than carbon-fiber cloth. I would think that real carbon fiber would also block at least some of the GPS or RC signals.

    Does look quite handsome, though.

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