So yet again the media goes bananas over a completely non evidenced event.
Apparently a drone was spotted flying near gatwick airport and the airport has massive disruptions as a result .
Does anyone have any evidence......NOPE
Does this article refer to other events that were "drone related incidents" yes, but the events it refers to also have NO evidence!

What are your guys opinions on the matter?

#BBC #UFO https://goo.gl/8wFN74
Drone causes disruption at Gatwick, evidence shows..... oh wait there is no evidence!
#FakeNews #CNN

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  • Yes and no vincent.

    Often if you read the word of mouth report it is "i saw somthing flash past that looked like a drone"

    You may be able to tell what an object is as it comes towards you but the second is gets within 100 meters in front of the direction of travel it flashes by.

    Have you ever tried to identify somthing on the side of the motorway by only looking though the front window of the vehicle not the side windows, it is damn difficult and your only doing 70mph relative to the object and you dont really have to pay attention to the car all that much.

    A white drone of such small mass would have to be so close to be actually identified as a drone that the airliners cameras should pick it up.

    A drone is generally white on blue or white on white.

    its hard to spot a drone 100 meters away on a clear day even when you know roughly where it is in the sky.

    So i am not convinced

  • Ive heard so often that pilots hate drones so i will make a comment.

    The majority of pilots grew up wanting to be in that profession. They were interested in anything that flew and many would have been flying RC models as soon as they were old enough. Myself and many of my colleagues have designed and built drones.

    When we see in the news that a pilot reported a drone it makes us annoyed that some idiot is risking the freedom of our hobby. Contrary to many comments it is very easy to identify an object at approach speed. When you drive on the freeway you can see all the birds around, tell a cat from a dog, tell if a distant girl is pretty or not. Do you think going a little over twice as fast everything becomes a dot or blur? It does not. If a pilot reports seeing a drone it probably was a drone and he probably wishes it wasent. 

  • An important thing to remember is that they are currently trying to push legislation for registration of all drones and have them "chipped" with ID so that the police can 'ID' a drone remotely. This story plays into that beautifully and definitely help gains public momentum for their cause.

  • A significant problem is that many Pilots hate drones and think they should be eliminated as a potential worry for them and also as potential job replacements for theirs.

    There is at least some evidence that drones are being over reported and outright lied about.

    There are also many reported instances which have turned out to be things that are not drones, from garbage on the runway to birds and balloons.

    There are also reports at absurd altitudes, where no civilian drone can actually get to and still be in communication with the ground or have a battery that lasts long enough to get it to that altitude.

    To this point in time there has not been one confirmed drone strike on a plane by a civilian drone.

    England actually seems to have way more reports of errant drones than anywhere else, they also have one of the most hostile pilots associations to drones.

    A coincidence I am sure - not.

    This absolutely doesn't mean there is no danger, there are stupid or unaware people who do operate drones (quadcopters) without using any common sense and eventually that will cause real problems.

    For now, the best we can do is to try and make everybody aware that we fly legally and responsibly and let everyone know that is their responsiblity too.

    Best regards,


  • Jared,

    I was speaking hypothetically.. no statement 

  • Mark you have provided no evidence and there is nothing online that i could find to back up your statement

  • where is this being reported?

  • It seems that one guy flew his multi-rotor under 30 feet high somewhere 5+ miles away from the airport and a neighbor called a police. Police reported it down the line at the time the multi-rotor pilot landed and went home.

    The hype is growing and police/civilians/air traffic controllers/news makers got promoted for impeccable work on public safety.

  • Moderator

    Ahhhh yes that is a fair point. I also wonder why it was closed again a few minutes later. It seems very much like they couldn't make their minds up 

  • I dont think that is the question at all.
    They made the correct choice in being cautious, but that fact that the runway was opened very quickly after being closed indicates that was little to no evidence which means telling passengers the delay was cause by a drone and in turn the media saying a drone caused disruption is wrong.

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