Drone configurator : simulate your drone configuration


Today I'm proud to introduce you Drone Configurator.

I designed this tool to help people choose their drone parts by :

- Simulating their configuration and giving them easy to understand indicators like flight time, thrust to weight ratio, ...

- Comparing the prices of the parts from various stores

Drone-Configurator is an alternative to ecalc as it can simulate the drone behavior but it works a different way.

Instead of basing our simulation on motor specifications, we choose to use real life benchmarks to be as close as possible to the reality. 

Our tool is easy to use as you just have to select the parts you need from our database and check the results, no need to understand very technical data.


We already reference lots of parts to cover most of the users needs but everybody is free to propose new parts so we hope the databse will grow fast. Please ask us the parts you need :-)

Drone Configurator is already available in English, French and Deutsch, we are looking for volunteers to help us translate it in other languages, contact me if you want to make it available in your laguage. 

I hope you'll find Drone Configurator usefull, I put all my love on it :-)

As I told you, this is just the begining and we are already working on lots of new features to make your life easier...

Fell free to share it !



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  • OK thanks Tipu

  • OK for 350 frames :-)

    I'll check for 3dr frames.

  • For all specs, data and prices.    



  • Can you include 3dr parts for frames like the quad and the x8 please!
  • this is going to be the holy grail for builders

    good job

  • awesome tool!

    can you please add 350 size?

    also pheonix flight gear 350 spyder to be specific.

  • Hugues about configuration 195.

    The weight is calculated adding the weight of all parts. The frame defines how many motors ESC and props to add.

    To make thing easier, I choose to have requested parts for calculation (frame + propulsion), and options to add in a second time.

    I don't understand why you tell that calculation for this config is wrong :

    - Frame : 476g

    - Motors : 148g *4

    - ESC : 20g * 4

    - Battery : 1370g

    - Props : 10g * 4

    - Other : 100g

    -> 2658g

    So 2658g / 4 of thrust to produce with each motor to hover (~664g).

    I will stick to the closest measure to simplify, closest thrust test is 650g -> 3A

    So hover will require ~12A.

    Battery is 10400mah

    10400 / 12000 = 0.86 hour -> 52 minutes

    Mixed flight time is just a ratio of the hover flight time.

  • OK thanks Hugues, these are good ideas :-)

    Ok Tipu, I don't know these brands very well (in Europe) can you tell me where I can find technical specs (thrust test) and online resellers (that ship worldwide if possible) :D

    Yes Karmil, I hope this will help me buy motors and do my own thrust tests for all motors :)

  • great idea with placing BG link refferal ;)

  • Custom frame with user customize able  weight and lot of motor brands and props sizes and brands are needed.

    e.g. whole variety of KDE Direct , TigerMotors  . and bigger sized props from 15" to 30"

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