Drone Flight Area Control

Drone Flight Area Control is a scalable drone management system which allows users to efficiently delegate tasks to fleets of varied UAVs, that was built for Hack Arizona and won best overall, best in software and third in drones.

What It Does

Drone Flight Area Control, or DFAC for short, maintains a list of drones and tasks, and sends drones out to those tasks in the most efficient order. The drones and tasks can be monitored and managed through the DFAC web interface, which allows the user to visualize the layout of the tasks, keep track of the drones and their current tasks, and add, modify, and remove tasks. The interactions with the DFAC backend, however, are limitless. Data is exchanged via HTTP GET and JSON, so there are many innovative possibilities for managing the drones and tasks. This also means DFAC can be used as a scheduling and control backend to existing applications.

This software was written by me and a friend of mine in 36 hours, all the drones you see are simulated using SITL.

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