A complete home entertainment system for FPV, but with the same old analog NTSC video.

For someone who reads rcgroups.com & diydrones.com, there was very little new to see, besides the real life equivalent of the photos.

 Thought that was very Silicon Valley: a stock reference board for a standard set-top box with the standard server room BNC, RCA, RJ-45, connectors untouched, all to send very delayed video over LTE.

The most hated vehicle there.  It was really wobbly.

 Some guy trying to get a rover to work.  Unfortunately, it only rolled a few feet, very slowly.

A chassis that would normally cost $200 on hobbyking was $20 at a garage sale.  Could desperately use something like that.

 Everyone congregated on a south field, while a north field shown in previous videos was empty.

Standard quad copters.

 Some ghetto indoor vehicles.  Marcy 2 was a complete disaster, as a vibration problem, wind, & uneven ground screwed up her indoor navigation sensors.

 3D Robotics dominated the attendance.

There was very little autonomous flying, only a few times someone would go into loiter mode or a lost radio link would send a DJI Phantom into the trees because some arcane loss of signal setting wasn't set right.  No-one replicated any Marco Robustini demos. 

The stock 3D Robotics Iris hovering far from the trees looked like it wasn't going anywhere, but it did look twitchy.  1 DJI guided black sheep was hovering motionless near the trees.  It drifted a long way, as it tightly tracked the drift of GPS near the trees.  Still looks like perfect calibration, perfect prop balancing, perfect vibration damping, & satellite visibility is a big part of the results.

Despite the improvements in sensors & software making autonomous flying much more accessible than years ago, there was little interest in it.  After all the expense & calibration, people would rather fly manually than program a route & watch it play back.  There was certainly no interest in making a timelapse movie from 1 place in the sky.

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Comment by Patrick Egan on January 21, 2014 at 8:37am

Yeah, that reprobate just won't go away! ;-) I just love the Carl's Junior method!

 Some late night video editing with MARCY 1 at the end. 


Comment by Jason Dorie on January 21, 2014 at 2:13pm

@Gary - It *did* occur to me that it might've been sarcasm, but it was hard to tell.  @Jack - I'm sorry I missed seeing the Marcy 1 flying - That was one of the coolest things there.

Comment by Carl La France on January 22, 2014 at 1:46am

Some times "Run what you Brung" events are the best! just some good old boys and girls having fun!

The neat thing about" manual "you actually get to fly the machine! Have a great day!


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