Drone Formation Flying.... Just Push Play!

I finally put some time and effort into an integration between Dronekit Python and the Systems Tool Kit (STK) software this past weekend.  My goal was to be able to plan a flight inside of STK, connect to my drone(s), and basically just press play to animate the scenario and see it play out in the sky above me!

The short of the story is that I had great success, but also realized that I could adjust the animation speed on the fly (i.e. play things faster or slower and see the drone(s) respond in the sky), or I could Pause/Reset/Reverse/Etc. at any point during the flight!  It worked great!

Above is a quick video of the setup and my first test with 2 drones flying formations I created in STK.

I hope to have a few more demonstrations of this with a few more drones in the coming days/weeks, but this was a great integration with a lot of capability for controlling the "choreography" of the drones in realtime!

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  • This is great! DroneRanger, did you ever get a chance to post instructions on this?

  • Thanks!  I plan to do a bit more testing with this over the next week or so, but will definitely push this out for others to use, so stay tuned!

  • I would love to see the instruction and try it myself :) 

  • Developer

    Looking good!  The viewer looks very responsive.

  • 3D Robotics

    Love this! Great work -- can you post code and instructions?

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