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  • He wanted to make a viral video and he did. Good thing is he also said it was fake afterwards. I bet he has work coming his way. He did plant clues for those that looked close enough. 

  • Besides, there's that little law of physics called "conservation of momentum" ..

  • Right, is what can be read in the winglet before the "crash".

  • Well played though, well played.  He's going to get a TON of hits from this.

  • Talk about viral marketing.  Definitely fake.  The guy is a visual effects artist.

    Bruce Branit
    Bruce Branit is a director and visual effects supervisor known for his short films 405 and World Builder and VFX work on Breaking Bad and Westworld.
  • what a dickhead!

  • Since you're a moderator, can you change your blog headline to something like "Idiot makes fake video to cause mass uneducated public hysteria"

  • Moderator
    Well I Think you are right... Hope you are right.

    I tried to watch in slow motion. He Got me..
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  • Also note the person who did the editing has his own website in place of "" on the winglet.


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