3D Robotics Inc., one of the better-funded, high-profile drone startups, is laying off an undisclosed number of its staff in a restructuring aimed at moving more quickly into the commercial market, due to heavy competition in the consumer drone market.


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  •  It's like a dog playing fetch. The dog perceives it is creating a desirable experience for it's self in allegiance to the master it is experiencing the excitement with. In the dog's world, it does not have the intelligence and conscious expression to desire the engagement of this activity outside of serving it's master.

    I'm not too sure what exactly I'm getting at here, but hopefully it can invoke positive thought.

  • It's sad that a do it yourself division of the company could not remain.  The stuff they sold can be found other places more or less but it was sure convenient with support.


    David R. Boulanger

  • @Rob: 0 as in Zero, and that before legislation will kill whatever is left on the North American market.

    Rejoice, copter will be in demand very soon.......

  • Really too bad that things went like this.

    Makes you wonder about the chances of some of the other small drone startups (on Kickstarter).  What chance do they have?

  • Don't even bother reading or responding to what that crack head posts.

  • T3


    Read the article:

    "Anderson and Munoz, a college dropout from Ensenada, had each been building drones on their own and met virtually on Anderson’s website, DIYDrones.com, a forum for drone hobbyists. They co-founded 3DR together in 2009."

    This website is owned by Chris, and it predates 3DR.  Unless Chris goes broke, which I highly doubt, this website is fine.

  • What is a future of DIYDrones ?
    Who owns DIYDrones, domain, servers ?

    Is funding secured for 2016- 2017 ?



    Jeevan Kalanithi, 3DR’s chief product officer, was named president. The company’s former president, co-founder Jordi Munoz, left the company last year 

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