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3689720675?profile=originalAt this weels Interdrone conference Yuneec and Dronecode announced the new DroneCore SDK, which is now shipping on the new Dronecode-based Yuneec H520 commercial hexacopter. The above slide shows how the architecture works, but basically Dronecore replaces the old DroneKit SDK, and provides an easy-to use mobile (Android and iOS) and onboard (C++ and Python) interface to Dronecode/PX4-based vehicles. Of which there are many!


The library provides a simple core API for managing one or more vehicles, providing programmatic access to vehicle information and telemetry, and control over missions, movement and other operations.

Developers can extend the library using plugins in order to add any other required MAVLink API (for example, to integrate PX4 with custom cameras, gimbals, or other hardware over MAVLink).

DroneCore can run on a vehicle-based companion computer or on a ground-based GCS or mobile device. These devices have significantly more processing power that an ordinary flight controller, enabling tasks like computer vision, obstacle avoidance, and route planning.

The full reference is here.

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  • @Fnoop If I understood well, dronekit has latency. Dronecore solves that issue. 

  • Does this have any relation to dronekit?  If not, why has it been developed rather than improve on dronekit?

    (This is a technical question, not a political one!)

  • Developer

    @andreas ArduPilot support is coming soon...

  • Aha, thanks for the clarification Ramon.

  • 3D Robotics

    @andreas, Dronecore is a mavlink API, the team behind Dronecore is the same team behind PX4, we develop primarily for our stack, we welcome any changes to support any autopilot that has a MAVLink interface

  • Um, does this mean that Dronecore (unlike Dronekit) does not support Ardupilot? If this is true, is it not a rather mean move?

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