From TechCrunch:

DroneDeploy is a web-based drone control and management platform. (Let that last sentence serve as a friendly reminder that we live in the friggin’ future.) Their goal is to be compatible with as many different popular drones as possible, providing their owners with things like:

  • Browser-based drone control
  • Fleet management/tracking, with electronic filing of the required paperwork
  • Data logging
  • Automatic flight regulation assistance. Not allowed to fly drones after midnight in a certain region? DroneDeploy will remind you.
  • Automated log analysis that will help identify things like a motor that’s about to fail.
  • Expandability, by way of an App Store of sorts. Want all of those pictures your drone can take to be stitched together into one big panoramic map view? They’ve got an app for that.



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  • Thanks.

  • Is there a website for DroneDeploy? I see that they are on AngelList but can't find a site. Hence my question as to whether they are a separate company or an open source offshoot from DIY Drones?

    Anybody know the answers?


  • I for one would like an app to manage my fleet of interstellar spaceships!

    This is a tiny bit ahead of reality. No commercial use yet and we are also not at point and click operations of drones. I believe that part will take years to mature. 

    X8 with 50 hours of flying time in 3 missions (or per mission?), I want that!

  • Nice interface; will be interesting to watch this evolve.  Thanks.

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