Since our last post we were very busy with addign some features to droneePLANE,  i want to share them with you.

droneePLANE  supports Sony's lates 1 inch sensor size , ultra small, shock proof  SonyRX0 camera,

Geofence feature added.

Emlid's  RTK GPS support added, it is plug and play , can be used on droneePLANE

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  • Hi vova reznik 

    Dronee Plane triggers the camera with wifi,  as if triggering takes ~10ms in average, you get ~10cm  deflection.

    Meanwhile we also support pin triggering in parallel to wifi triggering for custom cameras.

    vova reznik  what cm accuracy do you need ?

    PS:Sony RX0 has 3ms-25ms ping time 2way, which makes ~6ms 1way

  • Hi Marc Dornan 

    We are triggering the camera with the wifi module inside drone, so we do not capture shutter sync signal,

    Meanwhile, we detect unsuccessful triggering (in case it happens) and use it in geotagging.

  • I have ordered the Dronee and I'm expecting delivery this week,  I will report back on how I get on with the new plane and Sony Rx0!  

  • This is a very nice looking system. Well done. 

    Please do tell about camera integration. Are you capturing the shutter sync signal?

  • Hi, very nice.

    I have a technical question:

    How are you syncing Sony Rx0 shutter with GPS timestamp?

    If you are going for centimeter accuracy you would need an accurate shutter mark

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