2 years ago we decided to make a professional mapping &surveying drone and not just for surveyors also with easy API's to help developers/researchers to develop drone applications quickly. And we took 4 main priorities on DroneePLANE:

1.Super easy to operate


3.Easy to carry 


With these main priorities after 2 years DroneePLANE was born. The Professional Mapping and Surveying Drone.




Weight -----------------------------------------. 0.6 kg 
Payload capacity------------------------------0.18kg
Wingspan --------------------------------------100cm 
  Material ---------------EPP foam,carbon structure 
  Propulsion -----------------Electric brushless motor
 Battery -----------------------------10.8 V, 3500 mAh
 Carry case dimensions ----------65 x 50 x 30 cm 


Flight planning & control software --------- DroneeCockpit

(Ground Control App currently works on Ipad)


Maximum flight time---------------------------up to 60min

Optimal Cruise speed-------------------------------12 m/s

Radio link range----------------------------------Up to 5km

Wind resistance--------------------------------up to 12m/s


Dronee supports Sony/GoPro with wifi and all gphoto2 triggering supported cameras including Parrot Seqoioa.


Ground Control Software

We designed DroneeCockpit from ground up to empower non-pilots to simulate challenging realistic flight missions through its sophisticated design, and no prior flying experience is required!  You can download  Dronee COCKPIT from App Store and try by yourself.


DroneeCockpit has many advanced features like:

Multi Flight feature: you can scan even larger area with multiple flights.If the battery finishes during the scan.Dronee lands and memorizes where it left in the next flight.


Optimized Flight Plath: For windy weather DroneeCockpit Flight Management Software has “Route Optimisation”  algorithm, it  rearranges waypoint orders to give less drift in windy conditions without changing the result of the process.


DRONEE  API for Developers

Last but not least, DroneePlane is developer friendly. It has built-in companion computer  (RaspberryPi CM3)  with running  Linux operating system and also it has on board GPIO. DroneePlane comes with easy API's to help developers/researchers to develop drone applications airbornready quickly.

For more information check our website : https://dron.ee/pages/droneeplane

You can also contact us for special customization.


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  • Congratulations Tomi!!! I sent you an email.

  • Giovanni Esposito

    Unfortunatelly android version of app not available to try, yet

  • Yes, I mean do you have a beta version for Android (or Windows) to try? I would like to see the planner/cockpit working...

  • Giovanni Esposito   

    Android version coming soon as well. do you mean android version of app to try?  

  • Very good!  Professionally done, way better than the majority of the competitors...serious engineer and designer behind this, no amateurs...  I can't see any big flaws with it, even on the price side, that is what it should be. The only "thing" is that you decided to launch with no Android app.... is it coming soon? From the video looks like what I was searching for.... do you have a beta version to try?

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