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  • Ah. yes, the Mock Prison Riot in Moundsville.  This is a VERY depressing place.

  • The copters can actually be simply and safely forced to ground by simply flying a larger copter over top of them.  The downwash from the top one will cause the lower one to fall.  Slightly tricky to do in practice, but I figure another year two, it'll all be automatic.

  • an aerostat would work as a great counter measure get an FAA permit to strap flare cartilages to them with an aiming device. But must be FAA approved first and only used by the prison.

  • This sounds like a great job for some well placed shotgun birdshot from a guard tower.  I keep mine loaded with it just in case it becomes self-aware and tries to go all skynet.

  • Ban arrows!


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    I think the most impressive method I have read about is strapping stuff to an arrow shaft and firing it in.

  • Makes me wonder how long until anti-drone countermeasures start to be employed at these sorts of places.  I heard on the news in Canada that this is also becoming a big problem here.

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