Drones on the first french chanel


[EDITOR'S NOTE:  Video of Jordi Interview starts at 25:22, and there's a 1 minute non-skippable ad in the beginning]


Yesterday, in the TV news show of the 1st French chanel TF1, there was some images and comments about the growing trend for drones in US (in particular for real estate agency) with interview of Jordi Munoz (3D Robotics).

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  • tf1 what else

  • Don't you mean Jean-Claude Van Damme is watching him? 

  • I'm agree with you Alain, it's not my favourite too.

    But don't talk so bad about this chanel, Chuck Norris is watching you lol.

    ps: i'm French ^^

  • The journalist at the end says (it's a rough translation, but here's the essence of what he says);

    "The invasion from the drones already started, as soon as the last legal problem will be lifted, thousands of those little machines will be ready to get airborne. We have to expect being filmed anywhere at anytime.... a privacy invasion thats going to be very difficult..... to regulate"

    Not a very nice and positive way of seeing our hobby.....

    Definitely not my favourite channel on French TV...

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