DroneThermal Analog MAV Cameras, Almost Ready


Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to present the final prototype of DroneThermal micro size analog (PAL/NTSC) thermal camera. 
The project started 3 months ago and we have published some samples on 

our facebook page on 1 March 2015.

After hundreds hours of code work and design changes, the final prototype is ready for production. We signed the agreements with FLIR for Lepton thermal camera cores as well. 

3689641341?profile=original DroneThermal is based on FLIR's low cost 80x60 pixel Lepton camera cores.
Video frame rate and resolution is not much but the price is perfect for civilian small drone hobbyists.
You can pre-order it now, in order to take the advantage of %15 Spring discount.

3689641446?profile=originalComposite video signal resolution is higher than Lepton, so we can resize the thermal image and add some extra information into the video output. ( marking hottest and coolest objects etc. )
Unfortunately radiometry(temperature reading)  looks nearly impossible because of high math and affects of air temperature, thickness, pressure, reflection rate of the objects and camera body temperature. 

I'm working on some cool features , so please share your opinions with me for improvements.


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  • Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Melih from Flytron? I have a Drone Thermal Camera that stopped working and need to send it in for repair.

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    I have a Lepton 25 that just arrived, and the drone thermal board should be at the house tomorrow, both from group gets.
    Too bad I'm out of town until Saturday. We're supposed to have a live fire training next week, and I'm trying to get it set up before then.
  • Could you fly over the roof of a house at a distance of 5M (15 ft) from the roof? In theory it may be good enough to highlight large damp patches or obvious anomalies requiring closer inspection. Would be very interesting to see that if you could fire up the quad again.

  • @Michael,
    Resolution of Lepton is not enough for small animals from a distance. A medium size dog covers only 6-8pixel from 50 meters away.

    Thank you Ronald. I was one of them :) 

  • Great video and project Melih. We've seen a lot of requests for analog out from Lepton.

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    Michael: We have the new version with shutter running on our own solution here. I will try to hunt down some cats and dogs for you :-)

  • .....when you have an opportunity .... would be interested to see how a dog, cat or other animals (including birds) appear.  Would need the altitude / distance from the animal as well.  thank-you.

  • @Roberto
    Sorry for my mistake. I was thinking it is a raspberry Pi because of similar interface like Pureengineerin's Lepton code. https://github.com/PureEngineering/LeptonModule
    I used Paspberry PI compute module in the first prototypes and results was promising but I didn't chose it because of size and current consumption.

    @Lazy, Nice to see you :) Unfortunately day time job,projects and the family taking my all time and my personal projects always missing. :/  

    @Nick, I uploaded a video from last night, I hope you will like it. 

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    Melih, you finish plane? :)))

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    yes in our design we evaluate the temperature for each pixel. As told by Nick we are under NDA with Flir ,too about the algorithm for estimate the temperature . 


    we don't use RaspberryPI in our demo but VR uBrain 5.2 it's based on STM32F4 processor with on board nuttx  operating systems in our design actually we are using about 50 % of cpu performance , for storing , streaming and evaluate temperature sensor for each point. For this kind of feature we need read data from spi and telemetry from i2c bus.

    We are evaluating to implement Video Pal on STM32 for have analog input , too but isn't a priority.



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