A few weeks ago I visited a ship that's been anchored in Table Bay with my Swift II FPV.

After reading up on the crew's plight, I thought it might lift their spirits if I fly out to them and drop a few care packages (peanuts & raisins / crisps & a message encouragement) with my Skywalker & APM. I invited some friends to the occasion and Glen was kind enough to document it. Hopefully it helps to show the overwhelmingly positive potential of drones.


update: Another drop on the E Whale:

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    I haven't seen it in the bay this last month - just checked, it's en route to Mauritius. Not sure what the current status is otherwise.

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    I forgot to ask, what happened to ship and crew? There was no update from you and so I assumed they left and all is well. Tnx



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    Agreed, Spacer - if we can just get the opportunity to prove ourselves.

  • Awesome demonstration of what people can do with UAVs besides blowing stuff up. I can see a swarm of these converging on a disaster area, simultaneously delivering emergency supplies and documenting/recording the locations of those who need help. It'd be a force multiplier for the heavier, more expensive helicopter crews, who can use the information to more efficiently direct their efforts, and most of these private UAVs would be operating very low anyway, and not such a danger to the above crews. 

    It'd also be a sort of litmus test for potentially violent areas.

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    Haha thanks evilmacaw!
  •  Hein du Plessis,

    I dub The, the Raisin Bomber  of  Table Bay keep up the good work Sir !

    The original Raisin Bombers would be proud of you  ,US pilots flying into the blockaded  Berlin, Germany dropped  kerchief parachuted packs of Raisins and sweets to the children of the city before landing the supplies at the airport for the people of the cut off city .  You are doing no less for them !! It may be small but i suspect your efforts are very much  appreciated !! 

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    Yes :( Seems all my hobbies are borderline illegal! (Previously, using medium power green lasers for astronomy..)

  • Hi Hein. I suspect SARS will be looking you up soon - good job buddy. You have a big heart.

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    Yea was meaning to tell you if the boat is facing away, there's no way I can buzz the bridge :/ I'll lose FPV contact. The secret second package contents is in the youtube comments :)

    Yes, the radar was working last time as well, but this time the engines were running - you can see some smoke coming from the stacks. There must be someone on board. I'm pretty sure the last drop landed on top of the first hatch - in plain sight.

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    Very nice. But you forgot to buzz the bridge. :)

    I think approach the bridge from the front rather than back( like done in  this case) Next time try/fly  from front to back of ship and drop little early and lower. Video shows ship radar is working which means the bridge is manned. What did you drop in the second package? Cheers & Good luck

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