DSLR Gimbal using 3d printed parts and carbon.



 Having just completed the new Octa frame with vibration isolation system it was time to design a gimbal for it.

 One great advantage of 3D printed parts is variable density. They can be almost hollow where stress is low.

 It comes in at 900g including NEX 5n camera with zoom servo and bracket, also 3D printed.



Motors are 4008 -150 size with Alexmos controller.

Camera socket can be adjusted so it goes back exactly on the balance point every time. This base also includes the IMU unit.

Even with the controller mounted as close as possible to the camera base the IMU cable was still too short and had to be cut and extended. Longer cables please guys.



Here is the Octa going through its paces with a 1kg 'dummy' camera hanging below.

Now all the plastic parts are designed it wont take long to produce more of these. Other colours are available.


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  • perfect thank you very much this is a great help.
  • All my drone files are on GrabCAD https://grabcad.com/vince.hogg-1/models
    Vince Hogg | CAD Models | GrabCAD
    3D CAD models designed by GrabCAD Community member Vince Hogg
  • Just come across this and it looks decent, do have the stl files available
  • Is the STL files shareable ?


  • 3702112536?profile=originalLatest version of this gimbal is now 3 axis and has cantilever camera support so battery and SD card can be removed from camera.

  • Vince, how can I make an order to your zoom?

  • I would love to have the zoom and I have the stratosnapper for the shooting

  • Yes its 2 axis. My octa seems to be very stable in yaw so I dont have a need for 3rd axis even at 55 zoom.

    I think 2lbs may be too much for the motors in this one but slightly larger ones like this would be OK.


    Im not sure if they would fit without a bit of redesign but it wouldn't be that difficult

    I do mean to make a larger gimbal soon anyway.

  • It looks like this is a 2-axis gimbal.
  • Would this work for GH3, about 2pounds?
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