After looking at the suggested planes for use as a UAV, I noticed there not all that cheap.The plane considered for a UAV builder "on a budget" was still something like $110.00 without any electronics!I know the Easy Star is a pretty popular model in use with UAV construction, and even that is bumping $200.00 without a brushless motor.I came across the Dynam Hawk Sky and saw for $119.00 you get a plane simular to the body style of the easy star, a brushless and li-poly battery upgrade, and everything needed to fly out of the box.so my question pretty much is,first of all, does anyone own this plane?what is your guy's opinions on this plane?do you think it will get the job done?-Mike
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  • cool but are they still considered the best beginners plane?
    ps:does anyone know where to find spare parts in australia for them..... thanks
  • Admin

    What is wrong with a EZ* from Multiplex in Germany. Many hobbists who try to build their own planes, unless you have done so before, never finish the plane or it does not fly well and they lose interest.

    Just a thought.

  • Am a brand new noobe. I make note that the Clouds fly:
    ESC(not included) 4 x 9g servos(not included)
    4 CH radio system(not included)
    1300mah battery (not included)
    Would / could some one make a recommendation for these components ( I guess I will also need a battery charger.
    I appreciate all answers.

    Walt Hodges
  • sorry you haven't flown it yet...thanks for the reply though!

    you can see video from some flights here:

  • 3D Robotics
    Haven't flown mine yet. Been travelling for three weeks straight and it looks like more of the same till the end of the year :-(
  • nice!!! how weel does it fly?

    @chris- did you get a chance to fly yours? How did it go?
  • Just dropped a stock motor and prop from a "Stryker" in the "HawkSky" that was left over after an upgrade and the motor and prop fit perfectly in the plastic housing with about 1/4 inch prop clearence. Just thought I'd pass it on in case you have one laying around.
  • Chris, Did you get a chance to fly your HawkSky and if so how didi it do?

    I recieved mine yesterday, looks like there's quite a bit of room up front. I should have it flying this weekend.

  • 3D Robotics
    Not sure. Doesn't seem as tough as EPP and it's certainly not Elapor.
  • What kind of a foam is HawkSky plane made of?
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