E-flite Convergence with PX4


It’s amazing how many variations of hybrid VTOL systems are already out there, and it is even more amazing to see them fly with fully functional autopilots. The E-flite Convergence is a nice little tiltrotor and lots of fun to fly, BUT what if you lose track of it and just want to hit the return button? At UAVenture we specialize in hybrid VTOLs and are always looking for new vehicles to get flying fully autonomous so we put a Pixfalcon in it and installed PX4.


The versatility of the PX4 autopilot makes it possible to easily integrate it into any form of VTOL out there so it only took a few changes and a new mixer to make the Convergence fly (and a bored engineer over the holidays ;)).


For a video of the very first autonomous flight and links to the build log (including the pull-request to PX4) checkout http://uaventure.com/2016/12/30/the-tiltrotors-are-coming/

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  • You'll need an OSD that is MAVLink compatible. But there is a catch: the Pixfalcon has only 1 telemetry output. So you can either connect an OSD or a telemetry radio.

    If you go for an OSD I would recommend to look into PlayOSD: http://en.playuav.com/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&...

    There is firmware available to work with APM and PX4.

    - ada

  • Hi Andreas

    It's possible to fit any osd system to the pixfalcon proposed by you?

  • You would need a GPS that fits the autopilot. There is a set, Pixfalcon with GPS:


    Your OSD and GPS that you mentioned seems to be an isolated solution, I wouldn't know how to integrate this with the autopilot.

    I'm leaving the German for private messages, otherwise it's unfair to everybody else here ;)

    - ada

  • Ok Andreas

    You mean this?


    And it´s possible to combine with this micro GPS+OSD system?


    Thank you in advance an Greetings from Spain!


  • Hi Oscar

    Yes we used the Pixfalcon from Hobbyking. You'd need a complete set including GPS. And of course an RC receiver of your choice.


    - ada

    PS: I'm Swiss-German to be exact :)

  • Hello Andreas!

    I´m very interested to know more in detail about the requirements to fit this autopilot system into my eflite convergence.

    The Pixfalcon is the same available in Hobby king?

    It´s necessary another device else? OSD? GPS?

    It would be great to have more information about the required components  for his installation.

    By the way, are you german? (due your name)

    Thank you in advance!


  • Support for the E-flite Convergence got merged to PX4 master and is now available in the latest developer build: http://px4.io/portfolio/e-flite-convergence/

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