Early Christmas for DIYDrones store!


Finally our new MC-385 arrived! We are lucky to have Manncorp just a few miles away, they have been very supportive with us. Thanks Manncorp!

This little machine is similar to the Sparkfun one (MC-384) but ours has dual head! This is another step forward to fully automatize the assembly process, increase our quality and keep up with the demand!

Check the picture next to our old Japanese pick place the 7722VP (the one to the left), that is exactly the same machine Adafruit has.. The MC-385 (right side) is huge and weights around 1000 pounds, thanks to the super solid metal frame.

3689413658?profile=originalThe original manufacturer of this machine is Autotronik, based on Germany (yeap this machines came straight from Amberg,  Germany) and this baby including all the accessories cost us a little bit more than 100,000.00 USD, we practically pay it in cash (so no credits so far!).. The main feature of this machine are the smart feeders, that will allow us to program several design's into the machine without the need to reprogram every feeder every time we switch the parts to be placed, the machine can automatically detect what component you inserted into it and will go pick the part and place it where it suppose to be, no questions asked!


The machine is incredibly fast but unfortunately I won't be able to post a video now because we need to setup a 220V power line, the good news are that it's already scheduled for tomorrow. Keep tuned!


Even the company pet Aye-Aye loves it. =)



BTW, if you want to get a sneak peak of cool stuff coming from 3D Robotics (the commercial side of DIY Drones), you can follow its Twitter feed here.

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  • Nicely done. More speed, more accuracy, quicker turnaround. If only my hand were like that xD
  • Developer

    Well the true is that we trade the old 7722, so we actually paid half of that... We are alsogood savers.

  • Distributor
    Nice Jordi! and I now follow you! (well the store at least...) hehe
    what's the first part that this thing will produce? the super 4 in 1 ESC/BEC??
  • cat on the second picture - "that's what you are doing when have dual head and smart feeders ..."
  • nice! Looking forward for the new products ;-)
  • Cool machine! This expensive purchase shows that DIYDrones business goes very good!
  • Moderator

    Nice machine!

    "The $1 million left over is for the free day budget."

    Contests and prizes would be cool  ;)

  • The $1 million left over is for the free day budget.
  • SWEEEEET!!!!
  • Must be nice to have $100K in cash!!!  I guess business is good.
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