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  • Jonathan,

    I'll do my best to make sure nobody ever has to pull this plug but me, that's for sure! If this thing is smoking I hope everybody will stay far away from it. I just hate to think of somebody ending up with one of these things in their lap or caught in their child's hair. They would only be thinking about how to kill this creature. The least we can do is show them how to do it, if they need it.

    I ,on the other hand, love these little bots and look forward to many more safe landings!

  • Pull-to-Disarm.png?width=53

    I worked up this design as a 15mm-wide flag printed on both sides.

    I don't know, If some weird gadget hit your house and started smoking on your lawn, would you pull this tag? I think we need to do a public beta. {devious smile}

  • Thanks Doug.

    Jonathan, that's a good point. It's hard to know how a person will interpret something. I'm going to keep working on this.
  • I like the design, but "kill" could be interpreted as "kill people" and "off" kinda looks like "this is currently off and safe because this plug is inserted".

    Maybe it would be better to have something less ambiguous, like "pull to disarm", with a finger and thumb icon to indicate that it is OK to touch that part.

  • Very good. No unintended message could be sent.

    I may print up a few of those for my Deans type arming plug.

    Nice job!


  • Just posted an alternate version of the label, what do you think?

  • 3692579438?profile=original

    This is for a race car master power kill switch. I guess "off" is how you say kill in robot.

    Interesting how provocative that word is, I'm sure the macro photo doesn't help, it's much smaller in real life.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll make up another label version and see how that looks.

  • Arming/disarming the power was one my initial concerns for my build.

    HERE is my solution.

    It would be easy enough to add Joshua's label or add an indicator so that other's could isolate power.

    'KILL' might be misinterpreted. Perhaps 'Pull To Remove Power' would be less intimidating?


  • Jason,

    Thanks for the product link, I like that!

  • Jason,

    I think it will make people feel better to know that they have an easy way to kill this robot. I do appreciate your comment though, maybe I need to add a little more information to the message, perhaps a label next to the plug describing what it powers, like "Motor". Then the word "Kill" would have some context. Maybe a lightning bolt style graphic?

    The mosfet sounds interesting for sure, it would need to be bulletproof though, such a critical job keeping the whole craft in the air.

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