Easy Drone is a unique, modular, autonomous, unmanned aerial system for personal and commercial use. Easy Drone's frame made from carbon fiber and aluminum is extremely rigid yet it can be taken apart completely without any tools and carried in a small backpack. It is very convenient to transport with the largest frame size, flight time and lift capacity in the industry.

See more here - http://www.easyaerial.com/easy-drone-xl-pro

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  • Hi James, sorry for a slow answer. Appreciate your interest in Easy Drone.

    Unfortunately we don't currently have any modular frames other than quadcopters. However this may be developed in the future as part of our specialization in the three major industries. 

    I'we noticed that you do carry a quad on your website - the SkyJib Bot and it looks like it can fly a GoPro on a gimbal for 20 minutes. Easy Drone can easily do 35 minutes with the same load (http://www.easyaerial.com/easy-drone-xl-pro).

    Just curious - have you had a motor stop in midair on your hexas and octas and were you able to bring them down safely? 


  • Do you have any models with more than 4 rotors? To operate commercially, we will not use quadrotors since they have no motor redundancy and therefore will not conform to our strict safety policy. I'm a manager at Remote Aerial Surveys and have been looking for a professional line of multirotors on Pixhawk for a while. Motor redundancy is key though!

  • Hi James, thanks! I appreciate your comment. 

    Yes we are shipping to Australia and actually you might still be able to get free worldwide shipping if you use code "PREORDER" at checkout. 


  • Looks impressive. 

    Are you shipping to Australia?

  • Hi Marc, 

    thanks for the ideas, glad you like the design. 

    For GPS/External compass connection we use a quick-release Hirose connector. You can see more on the website if you click on the image belowGPS_Four-1000x1000.jpg

    Easy Drone is powered by Pixhawk by default since it's not only the best autopilot currently available, but also the one with most potential in the future. FlyBot has telemetry and 5.8Ghz video link built in as well. All of these components could be customized by us, but we had to offer a robust and defined product for sale and draw a line on the modularity aspect as most of our customers are not as advanced as you might be. 

    However we are already customizing individual units on request like adding support for servo gimbal, parachute control, optical flow port, etc. Looking forward to more input and ideas on the design as this was critical in getting us this far.


  • Really impressive looking design. What type of connector does the GPS use? I cannot see this in the website pics. Have you considered licensing the design to Hobbyking or someone like that? Prices seem pretty fair though. I have a Steadidrone 2014 QUAD (I got it used) that sold new for about the same as your pro system.

    A clever move would be to make the POD housing easily accept Pixhawk or Naza flight controllers. The idea of just plugging a backup Flight Controller POD with all electronics (including FPV System) might appeal to Pros. Maybe you could have a FPV POD that plugs into the Flight Controller POD an allows you to use whatever components you want. Having backup modules instead of entire backup machines sounds interesting.

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