Easy Star II Kit

My Distributor tell's me that the Easy Star II is in there system ready for some back orders.


  • Folding propeller for reduced drag in glider mode
  • Protected pod motor mount
  • Easily detachable tail plane for ease of transport
  • Large internal space with ample room for high capacity LiPo packs

Updated and upgraded, the quick-to-build and easy-to-fly EasyStar II is sure to become one of your favorite models. Based on one of Hitec's most popular aircraft, the original EasyStar, this improved kit boasts larger internal space, more payload capability and optional ailerons. It is designed to accept a powerful brushless motor which makes it a versatile, durable aircraft sure to impress both the beginner and more advanced pilots. Its gentle gliding characteristics and ease of transport make the EasyStar II effortless hobby fun.

$99.99 Free Shipping From Us. :-)

Thanks Paul
Wavetech Rc

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  • 3D Robotics

    Mine just arrived. Not as impressed as I'd hoped so far. NO servos are included, along with no motor/ESC. And it's totally unassembled, so you've got hours of gluing ahead of you. Basically it's just a bunch of bags of foam and plastic.  

    The design looks better, for sure: ailerons built in, rudder now bigger, brushless motor easier to mount. But I really can't see how they can justify the price, given that the Bixler is about half the price ($49 if you let the page site for a minute) and comes with the motor, all servos installed, and already assembled. 

  • 3D Robotics

    I just ordered one from Hobby Zone. At $94 without motor/ESC or aileron servos, it's pretty expensive. I suspect that the Bixler 2 will be a better deal when it's out, as it comes ARF.

  • just bought one at Hobby People Pasadena.

    looks like some nice functional improvement.

    no more hack job, ailerons pre formed in.

    fuse hollow from nose to back of wing about 16"

    inboard covered servos.

    servicable moter mount with better mounting options.

    set up for brushless no wires outside.


  • multiplex planes do fly better.

    to me worth the price difference - also when o look at the transportation cost.

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    HobbyKing on Twitter
  • hello

    This bike is awesome planner It is on sale in France since December 2011 in Clermont Ferrand in Auvergne in Kings of Rugby: ASM (TOP 14 against performance but good!) I use it since January 2012 with GOPRO, flying is very safe, I plan to utilezer with FPV & apM1 soon as my budget allows

  • hi ,

    i just buy one .

    is anybody know , correct pid for easystar 2 kit with stock motor propeller and servo ???

    just for not break it , right out of the box .

    be carreful the end of tail is very, very fragile .

    regard, yann

  • Hopefully dealers will put the original's on sale to clear out their stock....................I'll take a couple.

  • cool.  is it an ARF package or just the kit?

  • not really - we have been waiting also.

    now local sellers have a few.

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