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    The way i understand ,once you trim the two half , how do you glue them together since there is no overlap? how is joint strengthened ? type of glues? Any video tutorial while one being made out of this mold will be great/educational Dr. thanks
  • Any way you can make a tutorial out of this? This is a pretty cool process.
  • well... once you have the mold it should be very similar to fiberglass. there are some video tutotials on youtube...
  • I have no clue how to work with carbon fiber, wish I did. First part out of the molds and getting seamed together. Yes my glassing skills are not the best.
  • well you can use it to do a carbon airframe as well...
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    & any composition of your elapor with brand and quantity, curing time like details will be well recieved and apreciated
  • How did you get elapor to fill it with?
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    As good as it gets, let more photos comeing in , Is it same size as origianal? Good work, keep it up
  • nice..........
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