Hi, let me introduce my new FPV flying wing, the modded EasyWing.

The original EasyWing was designed by JAN-CHE in Hungary (link to JCP webshop), also he has been cutted all the EPP parts for me. Many thanks on his support!!!

So I decided to design a new center part, I started the design in 3D (as I use to do...). First I used vertical fins at the wing ends (like in original EasyWing), but later seemed to be a bit unstable in yaw direction. So I replaced them closer to the center line, and they are facing outward by 1-1 degree (like in the Funjet). To avoid high level of turbulence at the wing tips, I designed small winglets too. They are working great. Here is the final 3D model, before building. Quite similar, isn't it?

My goal was to build a small-enough plane for FPV purposes, and make it as efficient as it can be. All wooden parts are laser-cutted. To avoid damages at the wing front edge, I covered them with 80g glass-fiber sheet (used pvc vinyl for shiny surface finish):



Here is the complete parts list:

  • APM 2.6 autopilot + airspeed sensor + battery monitor + MinimOSD + Crius CN-06 GPS
  • FrSky TFR-4 FASST compatible receiver in PPM mode
  • 720 TVL 30x30 panel camera
  • 720p keychain camera (W/O housing)
  • immersion 600mW 5.8 GHz video TX
  • Turnigy TGY-113MG wing servos
  • Hitec HS-5065 servo on camera moving
  • 3DR 868 MHz telemetry module
  • Turnigy SK3 2826 1240KV motor + Graupner 8x6 folding prop + 18A ESC
  • 2200 mA 3S Turnigy A-SPEC

More technical datas:

  • AUW: 860 g
  • Wingspan: 1050 mm without winglets, 1170 mm with winglets
  • Total flight time: 20-25 min
  • most efficient: 45-50 km/h (4-5A total current)
  • max. speed: 70km/h (limited by ArduPlane)
  • stall speed: around 35 km/h

Here is a small test-flight video. (keychain camera's lens still needs to be fine adjusted, so the colors…)

Best regards


ps.: Some more details:



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Comment by John Hutchison on August 3, 2014 at 9:08pm

Good job.

Comment by Ben Levitt on August 4, 2014 at 10:20am

This looks really nice.  What's the wingspan?

Comment by Adrián Nagy Hinst on August 4, 2014 at 11:23am

Oh, I forgot to write down, 1050 mm without winglets (the original EasyWing size), 1170 mm with winglets.

Comment by Trung Nguyen on August 4, 2014 at 1:18pm

Adrian, nice wing - clean and purposeful.  I like the inboard verticals and wing tips.  When you say the fins "are facing outward by 1-1 degree", do you mean they have toe-out?  (the leading edge further apart than trailing edge of fins)  How did you make the curved tips?

Comment by Adrián Nagy Hinst on August 4, 2014 at 8:26pm

Yes, the have toe-out. 

Curved tips are made by hand with a knife… :)


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