Ecilop Eco flying camera - for FREE!


Today is mid July and it is time to start Ecilop Eco sales!
We have promised that the price for kit self-assembly will be less than $100.

But "Ecilop Flying Camera" Team decided to make even better deal for you!

We are sharing drawings and technical docs of Ecilop Eco model for free!
It will be our first opened project. And we hope it will help you easy to make your first flying camera model.

1. Visit our web page to take drawings and other instructions
2. Assemble your own Ecilop Eco and equip it
3. Fly with your model and make good videos
4. Share your experince and videos on Ecilop Eco RCGroups page


You can donate to the development of this project if you like. Thank you in advance!

We wish you a good luck!

"Ecilop Flying Camera" Team

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  • Yeah well I have a Mini 600 which wasnt the easiest rig to set up, now Im flying NEX size brushless gimbals still a pain to setup like anything 'new' but a mile simpler with more options then swinging arm mechanical gimbals

  • Today we have added information about the components you need to build Ecilop Eco and the example of a complete set (we were flying). Visit

  • Interesting design! I think the advantage might emerge with heavier cameras than a gopro? I think the design has a limited maximal airspeed?

  • Looking closely I see you're using the Tarot system which is pretty expensive. I only advantage would be the third axis for panning. But do you think you can use a simpler and cheaper gyro setup?

  • That's right Daniel Allen! More detailed photos you can find on Ecilop Flickr Page

  • to Jason Wise: GoPro is not the only miniature camera in the world :) all brushless gimbals are produces and tuned for one camera model. Our gimbal allows to use any miniature camera you have.

  • If you looked closely at the photo gallery, you'll see that the prop is a vectoring mechanism. It pushes the gimbal to stabilize to the ground plane. It doubles as a gyro and it might add some lift =D.

  • BLGs are still mechanical, and they aren't all plug in play. The advantage of the Ecilop is the simplicity of the parts (besides the gyro) and the fact that the gimbal doesn't tilt or roll with the entire quad. Meaning the pivoting point of the gimbal is near the CG, rather than at the point of the camera far from the CG.

    I would consider this design a semi-passive gimbal, which is similar to a real steadycam used by professional filmmakers.

    I appreciate this design because it is designed for the gimbal. Unlike most designs which require bulky add ons and rigging to mount the gimbal.

  • Hasn't brushless gimbals now made the mechanical gimbal redundant?, I mean you can buy a $150 GoPro Tarot gimbal with board without all the manual setup/hassle

  • Thank you all for your interest and comments.

    About the complexity.
    Actually, the top propeller is used to separate unstable multicopter frame and camera gimbal. Of course it looks a little strange, but you can put such camera gimbal on any multicopter with only one screw! It is absolutely separate device and could work autonomously.

    About the tuning.
    Any camera gimbal for making good videos is very complicated in tuning, and brushless gimbal is not the exception. If it is already prepared to use - the price would be - WOW! So, you have a choise. We have opened this project for DIY people.

    About the Saturn V (thank you for such comparison)
    It is our first opened project and we are still working on it. All materials and recomendations will be on the page in near future.

    Thank you one more time for your attention.

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