Ecilop Eco flying camera - for FREE!


Today is mid July and it is time to start Ecilop Eco sales!
We have promised that the price for kit self-assembly will be less than $100.

But "Ecilop Flying Camera" Team decided to make even better deal for you!

We are sharing drawings and technical docs of Ecilop Eco model for free!
It will be our first opened project. And we hope it will help you easy to make your first flying camera model.

1. Visit our web page to take drawings and other instructions
2. Assemble your own Ecilop Eco and equip it
3. Fly with your model and make good videos
4. Share your experince and videos on Ecilop Eco RCGroups page


You can donate to the development of this project if you like. Thank you in advance!

We wish you a good luck!

"Ecilop Flying Camera" Team

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  • Almost as good as the free Saturn V (drawings and technical docs) deal.

  • The original Ecilop was also very very hard to tune to get perfectly stable (like you get with a blgc) video from. I spent weeks trying to get mine completely smooth, and gave up in the end. There's a lack of a definitive guide on how to do it.

  • Looks insanely complex to me. The initial Ecilop looked very elegant, but now with the additional propeller on top.... The next step is to have a mini quad dragged by the main quad and the mini quad maintains level ;)

    Is there a true advantage of the Ecilop design over a BLG? Complexity and additional weight do not seem to be valid arguments anymore.

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