For those following my work, thank you and sorry for the long wait for an update!  I am currently writing up my doctorate so as you can imagine I have been a social hermit recently!

Nevertheless, I have now had a journal paper published which may be of interest to those fellow electronics geeks out there and as a bonus it is open access so no charge to view it!


The paper focuses around balancing a hydrogen fuel cell with a battery with ideal diodes.  These give a tremendous efficiency advantage over traditional diodes.  The powertrain exploits the ability that a fuel cell has to operate at different voltages in order to create a potential long endurance system which still has all the power of a battery at an instant when needed.

Once again, thank you for your interest and I will do my best to answer any questions you have!  The paper is a creative commons license so feel free to use it and build upon it, giving credit for the original work where due!

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  • Outstanding! Thanks for posting.
  • oh, that one is spec'd for 1.8kW ish (i.e. designed for a max of a 4 cell with a 100A ESC).  It is very scalable however, just add more MOSFETs to handle larger loads..

  • Thanks gents.  If you're interested what it looks like here is a photo of the working prototype.  It is the same size as the raspberry pi and stacked on top of it.  Original concept was to fly it with a fuel cell inside a Skywalker X8...may still happen if this storm dies down!3702180576?profile=original

  • Very nice! Awesome stuff!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • great article.

    Thanks Simon.

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