Elbit Systems Successfully Completes Skylark I-LE UAS Test Flight Using Horizon Fuel Cell

Elbit Systems Successfully Completes Skylark(r) I-LE UAS Test Flight with Horizon's New AEROPAK Fuel Cell Power System Skylark(r) I-LE is one of less than a handful of UAS to perform a fully operational test flight using the AEROPAK fuel cell, including an operational payload, take-off and recovery

Singapore, December 7, 2010 -Horizon Energy Systems announced the successful test flight of its AEROPAK fuel cell power system onboard Elbit Systems Skylark(r) I-LE UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). An official test flight was recently carried out in Israel. The test flight was without precedent, since it is the first ever test of a fully operational system using the Horizon AEROPAK fuel cell power system, including take-off and recovery with an operational payload integrated onboard. Equipped with the AEROPAK fuel cell system, Skylark(r) I-LE will offer its users enhanced flight duration, doubling the current endurance of the UAS.(...) Read more


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Comment by Hamish on December 7, 2010 at 12:59pm
boycott israel. but yeah, fuel cells are interesting but prolly weee bit too much for DIY'ers

Comment by Max Levine on December 8, 2010 at 1:56am
Yea, boycott israel....
Israel is making UAV for all around the world....
And i bet you boycott those INTEL procesors....
Or maybe you boycott KNECT...

Pleas, keep it clean here ...


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