EMC Shielding for ArduCopter3.0

The EMC shielding material reduce magnetic interference that is good to ArduCpoter3.0.

Measurement of magnetic interference becomes half by 60micron meter low-loss,high permeability nano-crystalline material.


Without magnetic shield


Magnetic shield applied

3689532347?profile=originalMagnetic shield material is Hitachi FINMET low-loss,high permeability nano-crystalline material.


Similar material from 3M™ High Permeability Magnetic Shielding Sheet 1380 will also work.

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  • I know this is an old post but thought it might fit 

    I am currently building a Tarot 680 Pro (modified slightly). I'm getting ready to build my production one now and want to take careful consideration for shielding. Shielding only where absolutely necessary for weight considerations but get the most accurate GPS data I can. I do plan to use this one for precision mapping applications so precise is the word.

    My basic layout is my GPSs (2 3DR Ublox) are 120mm from center of top deck and 160mm in height. My pixhawk will be mounted under bottom deck near front edge mounted upside down (damn df13 connectors on top). My cameras, radios (433 mhz, 900 mhz & 2.4ghz) antennas all are below deck, above deck is my GPS antennas and batteries. The batteries I plan different configurations but all stacked on top deck in proximity to GPS antennas. The 120mm and 160mm mentioned is from center point and surface of top deck. In theory in this configuration a battery 4s - 6s could be as close as 100mm - 120mm from GPS antennas. What do you all think?

    What is truly necessary to shield for GPS (and video) to protect them?

    Will it hurt if I shield with mu metal (maybe something better now) between the pixhawk and batteries? This would put the Pixhawk itself below the shielding.

  • 3692781122?profile=original

    This was my first attempt at using MU Metal to shield ESC wires and a UBEC. The UBEC has a buzzer on it that would cause the mag to shoot up. It worked well but took up too much space. It would be a tedious process to use smaller tubes lined with MU. Another option is to just lay the cables over a flat piece and tape them down.

  • In my understanding is something like:

    1) Shielding all magnetic field sources, such as ESCs, power distribution board, wrings and Lipo.


    2) Protecting APM from artificial magnetic field. The copter is pitch and roll, so that the magnetic shielding also considering like GPS ground plain.


  • Re: Earth...I thought the field ran from poles, so the magnetic lines are parrallel to the core...so as long as you don't mumetal *vertically*, you should be ok? So *horizontal* blocking (ie blocking fields directly below it) should be ok?

    Caveat: I failed physics at school :-)
  • Please make sure not to shielding magnetic field from Earth:-) 

  • Can I just go on record in saying that - if I was newb to quads (and I still am, I guess), or specifically APM, that the whole compassmot procedure & inteference mitigation is far too complex for a usability point of view.

    I understand the whole compassmot thing is new, but we need a better process than this, surely? How about a preset program/button in MP, which does a precise compassmot test? I've done repeated compassmot calibration on the same airframe, and the results vary considerably, which I can only attribute to the calibration procedure.

    Knowing what I know now about APM and what is needed to get good flight in 3.0.x, I would have bitten the bullet and got a Naza instead even at the extra cost. Naza has it's own problems of course, but it doesn't involve moongel, mumetal, spinning up props to 100% on the ground, etc etc.

    Sorry - bit of a rant there. I still love my APM, but if I was new to APM and 3.0.x, I might not be so favourable.
  • Got mine on order. Can't wait...got 148% compassmot, and while loiter/RTL works, I'm not happy that they have reached the same quality as in 2.9.1.
  • Thanks, I will get a shipment of Mu Metal early next week. I'm only at 60% mag interference so hopefully a little will go a long way. 

  • Here is my setup.


  • Are you mounting the MU directly under the APM or around it?
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