Endura Drone battery



3689647369?profile=originalWe have gotten a lot of requests for just the 16000mah and 18000mah battery's so we have added those as rewards 

14.8V 4S 18000mAh 20C, size is 275mm* 45mm 74mm (estimated 2193g) should have hard weight # in next few days  $255

14.8V 4S 16000mAh 20C, size is 173 x 74 x 45mm 1380g $165



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    So much of wasted time producing non technical munch in technical forum/site makes us wonder if this is serving any one except few!!

      Should we start a side show where these few can show off what ever they want to?  And then no time will be wasted separating the boys from men...

    The only techli word/photo I saw high above some where up there was this Mighty batt/s which is said to be able to start a war of under wor"L"d far below here.  Is this the place?

  • Moderator

    OG, It's fine to ask questions, it's fine to ask pointed questions that you feel bring something valuable to the conversation. The problem sir is in the way you go about it. You come across weather by intent or not as aggressive and spiteful. Your point is lost in the rhetoric with which you choose to speak. The use of multiple exclamation points in the above post is IMHO akin to typing in all caps as it is clear you are intending to make the reader aware that you are shouting at Rob.

    An excerpt from the site rules:

    Civility is paramount. Treat others with respect, kindness and generosity. Some of our most expert members are people who were once total n00bz but were helped and encouraged by others, and are now repaying the favor with the next generation. Remember the Golden Rule. Don't be a jerk to anyone, be they other members, moderators or the owners. This is not a public park, and you have no constitutionally-mandated right to free speech. If you're creating a hostile or unpleasant environment, you'll be warned, then if it continues you'll be suspended.

    I would recommend that everyone review the site rules periodically to be reminded of how they are expected to behave.


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • OG, you advertise your products in blog posts here often.  Or maybe "announce" them or "demonstrate" them, which is the same as advertisement.  Nobody says you can't.  And I don't see other vendors jumping in and saying "I sell something similar/better/cheaper".  If they did I would have the same reaction.  It's just poor form.

    Criticism and commentary is one thing, and is healthy.  But you have a pattern of posting the way you have that appears to be just cheap competition.

  • Rob is very well respected in the comunity and a huge contributor to the hobby I would say he has the right to comment as he sees fit IMO
  • How exactly is it misleading
  • OG, it's rude to go on somebody else's product announcement blog post, and advertise your own competing product.

  • If you go on the kickstarter it is shipping included at that price
  • OG settle down yes we are all aware you can get batterys from other places people have the internet you can go on ebay and order a 30c 4s 16000mah it is 1550g and cost 329 and yes hobbyking makes a 16000mah 10c pack that is 80$ there are other options we are just offering an option that is all im not forcing you to buy batterys from me im just letting people know that they can if they chose
  • OG, would you stop doing this?!  Open your own post somewhere.  This is really rude, and it's not the first time.

  • I am waiting for a 10000mah 4s, it is in transit to the european warehouse and i have it preorder

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