ESC and LiPo problems, fuzzy control stopped...


How are you??

New problems!!!! big problems!!!!

In our last neural network training, we had a accident, i crashed the helicopter, hehehehe

So, we rebuild it, we just change the blades, and the blades holders, that was all the damage, lucky us...

But with the new blades installed, we had to track them, so we try to do it, failure after failure, so we stopped, and we went to a expert.

The expert balanced all the helicopter, he told us, that our heli has a lot of problems, so the start to correct everything, and at the end he did it...

The start hover the heli, and it appears correct, but we start to see that the ESC was very hot, after several more tests, he told us that the ESC was not the properly ESC for that heli...

My heli is the Artech Falcon 3d 400.



We have a ESC of 18amps, and now its not working, the last flight ended in smoke...

What can we do??

The local Artech retailer have a ESC of 20amps, its just 2amps more than the original...

Its better to buy an Artech ESC or another brand?? what is the recommended ESC for my heli and motor?? and if possible, a cheap ESC... hehehe

And LiPo's??? Artech lipos sucks!! i have 2 of them, and now the 2 are useless.... any cheap recommendation??

in other news...

We you finish improving our software, upgrades:

- PPM channel reading, with timer1
- Servo control with timer2
- lighter and efficient fuzzy control

Once we resolve this issues, we can return to the neural net training and possibly ending the project the next week...

10x in advance!!

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  • Developer
    Another cause of a hot esc in a heli can be running your throttle curve too low. The esc has to dissipate more heat at lower throttle settings because it is doing more switching. It will actually run a lot cooler at max throttle or close to it. You may have your throttle curve set low to keep the headspeed down and make the heli more docile. If you have your throttle curve set below 85% at hover then swap out your pinion for one with less teeth and adjust your throttle curve up in proportion to the tooth count change. You should always gear so that you get the head speed you want at a fairly high throttle setting.
  • Comment by Greg Fletcher 1 second ago
    Delete Comment If you ESC and batteries are getting very hot the are under sized for you motor/heli. You are overloading them.
    Which is why they all failed. The motor is rated for 18 amps. That doesn't mean it can't draw more, it means don't let it draw more or you will burn it. The motor may be to small and is overloaded making it draw to many amps.
    Go to the link below, it explains how motors work electricaly/mechanicaly

    And please in the future post help requests/questions as a discussion topic and not a blog post.
    Blog posts are for "show&tell" of interesting stuff. Scroll down the column on the left and you will see
    the "Start a discussion" box with a link.
    Any how ,Good Luck
  • FlightMax lipos are the best I've seen. Ever. Coincidentally also the cheapest :-)
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